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WTTC: Employment in France’s Travel & Tourism Sector Could Exceed Pre-Pandemic Levels This Year

Recent research from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) claims that this year France’s travel and tourism sector could see more than 60,000 jobs created compared to 2019, exceeding pre-pandemic levels by 2.3 percent, and reaching 2.8 million jobs in the sector. In total.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, February 23, the WTTC revealed that before the outbreak of the pandemic, France’s contribution to travel and tourism to its economy was approximately 211 billion euros.

However, due to the significant impact of the epidemic on the sector, the contribution of travel and tourism to the French economy has been halved by about 48.8 percent, which means approximately 108 billion euros, or 4.7 percent of the total economy, reports.

In addition, the World Tourism Organization conducted a recent study showing that if France, which has more than three-quarters of its fortified population, continues to ease its restrictions throughout the year, the sector’s contribution to the economy in 2022 could reach 182 billion euros. , which is only 13.5 percent below pre-pandemic levels.

The World Tourism Authority is also urging governments to scrap the patchwork of restrictions and enable international travel with digital solutions, such as the EU’s digital COVID certificate, that allow travelers to prove their status in a fast, simple and secure way. is reading.

According to the research, the country’s economy could reach nearly 1.7 trillion euros from the sector’s contribution to the economy, which is just 12 percent below pre-pandemic levels.

On the other hand, employment could generate more than 38 million jobs, just 0.4 percent from the 2019 figures.

Previous research by the council shows that in 2021, the French travel and tourism sector lost 138,000 jobs, which represents a 10.5 percent decline in the sector.

Over the past two years, in terms of tourism type, domestic travel has seen an increase in France, but not as much as a full recovery of the economy and jobs lost due to the pandemic.

Julia Simpson, President and CEO of WTTC, said this latest research by WTTC shows that the recovery of France’s travel and tourism sector is critical to reviving the national economy.

“Millions of livelihoods depend on the booming travel and tourism sector, and thanks to the support of the French government, the sector can soon achieve a full economic recovery and restore all the jobs it lost during the pandemic,” she added.

In response to the report’s findings, the World Travel Center urged the French government and governments across the continent to focus on vaccinating the population and also to allow all fully vaccinated travelers to travel freely without the need for testing.

The World Tourism Authority also called on governments to lift restrictions and enable international travel with digital solutions such as the EU’s digital COVID certificate, which allows travelers to prove their status in a faster, simpler and safer way.

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