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What EU Nationals Should Know About the New UK Travel Rules That Started Applying on October 4

The British government introduced new and more relaxed entry rules, which became effective last Monday, October 4.

Following this decision, the government put an end to the amber list, which the majority of EU member states had previously placed on, and as such, they are obligated to undergo quarantine and double-test requirements on arrival in the UK.

However, authorities have since Monday introduced green and red list countries, with travelers from the latter subject to stricter entry rules, reports.

Currently, all 27 EU member states and the four associated Schengen Area countries are placed on the Green List but with the risk of being added to the Red List if the epidemiological situation of the countries concerned worsens.

The authorities announced that this means that all European citizens traveling to the UK are no longer required to be quarantined on arrival or to submit a test taken before departure.

Furthermore, since 4 October, European citizens can enter the UK by providing the following:

Book and pay for a COVID test that must be taken on arrival in the UK Complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF) before traveling to the UK

The PLF must also include the reference number for booking a COVID test, which must be taken within 48 hours after arrival in the country. The test requirement is mandatory even if the traveler stays in the UK for less than two days.

However, regardless of their vaccination status, EU and Schengen area citizens must still take a post-arrival test, which can now be purchased at lower costs, according to a press release from the Ministry of Transport. If the result is positive, British authorities require the traveler to take a PCR test to determine the final result.

“We are accelerating into a future where travel continues to safely reopen and stay open forever, and today’s rule changes are good news for families, businesses and the travel industry. Our priority remains protecting public health, but with more than eight out of ten people fully vaccinated, we can take these steps To lower the cost of testing and help the sector continue its recovery.” Noted Grant Shapps, representative of the Department of Transportation.

Furthermore, children traveling with their parents or guardians to the UK are also subject to the newly introduced rules of entry, with children between the ages of 5 and 17 having to take the test on the second day of their stay.

The press release also notes that the UK has expanded its vaccination policy to 18 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Canada. Vaccines approved by British authorities include:

AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria) Pfizer / BioNTech (Comirnaty) Moderna (Spikevax) Johnson & Johnson (Janssen). AstraZeneca Coffeeshield Moderna Makeda

>>Travel: UK now admits EU citizens vaccinated with two different doses of COVID-19 have been fully vaccinated

Previously, reported that entry rules would change for Europeans as the UK introduced a new rating system. The recently introduced single list of high-risk countries excludes the 27-nation bloc, whose countries were previously included in the amber list. The latter’s entry rules required travelers to self-isolate for ten days upon arrival in the UK.

The change in travel rules has been made possible due to the vaccination campaign currently being carried out by the UK, as indicated by the Minister for Transport, Shapps. According to the official British website for matters related to the Coronavirus, 93,893,348 vaccines have been given to the British population, with 48.9 million vaccinated with the first injection while 44.9 million have been fully immunized against the virus.

However, while entry rules for travel to the UK have been eased amid the pandemic, British authorities have tightened entry rules for European travelers as the two parties formally separated at the beginning of this year. Then, since Friday, 1 October, European citizens are required to present a valid passport to enter the UK, rather than an ID card as they did until the Withdrawal Agreement was implemented.

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