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What Asylum Procedures Should Ukrainian Refugees Follow to Remain in Luxembourg

Following the example of other European countries, Luxembourg also opened its doors to refugees from Ukraine fleeing war after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Currently, the country’s government is implementing specific procedures for refugees from Ukraine who are seeking international protection in Luxembourg, reports.

Ukrainians who plan to apply for asylum in Luxembourg are subject to temporary protection, which is activated in cases where many people are forced to leave their country and do not have the possibility to return.

Earlier this month, the European Union Commission proposed activating the Temporary Protection Directive to help Ukraine’s citizens fleeing war.

This type of protection can only be granted by the government or the European Union. In the case of granting persons with temporary protection, they are not subject to the normal asylum procedure.

Regarding the situation with Ukrainian refugees, the European Union took the decision to impose temporary protection.

All refugees from Ukraine entering the territory of the Grand Duchy must submit an application to the Directorate of Migration. Temporary protection gives Ukrainian refugees immediate access to the Luxembourg labor market.

Aside from special protection in emergency situations, Luxembourg’s international protection laws regulate other categories of international protection: “refugee status” as well as “subsidiary protection,” according to RTL. If these residence permits are granted, they are valid for five years.

The Temporary Protection Directive provides immediate protection and rights for refugees, reducing pressure on national asylum systems and also promoting solidarity, responsibility and more support from EU agencies.

In this regard, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, stressed that Europe would welcome all Ukrainian citizens affected by the war while stressing that Europe would stand by those in need of international protection.

In addition, the EU will also protect non-Ukrainian citizens, as well as stateless persons legally residing in Ukraine who are not eligible to return to their country of origin or region of origin.

“Others who are lawfully in Ukraine for a short period and are able to return safely to their countries of origin will fall outside the scope of this protection. However, they must be allowed to enter the European Union for transit before returning to their countries of origin.”

Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn recently stressed that more than 1,000 refugees from Ukraine are expected to register at the Luxembourg Immigration Office as the country opens a new center to be able to provide more beds for people arriving in this country.

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