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Wales Fans Won’t Be Permitted to Travel to Netherlands for Saturday’s Match

Wales fans in the UK were dashed to watch a live broadcast of their Euro 2020 match in the Netherlands, as they will not be allowed to travel to Amsterdam.

According to Wales’ Minister of Health, Eluned Morgan, police in the Dutch capital said they would not “allow Welsh fans into the country”, according to

We have had some directions from the police in Amsterdam who have told us that they will not allow the Welsh fans into the country. This means, of course, that we encourage you to stay here and watch the matches carefully.”

The Netherlands is placed on the UK’s amber list, which means it is not recommended for travel, while the UK is not on the list of safe countries in the Netherlands.

“If local authorities come forward and ask us to set up fan zones, we will of course look into that as a government and we will publish guidance on how to do it safely,” Morgan stressed in this regard.

Wales’ health minister said the government was “more careful” to see fans watching the game outdoors if possible, rather than indoors.

Eluned Morgan noted that “if we could do this in a controlled environment, it would be much better than people going to other people’s homes.”

Denmark fans were previously told that they will also be banned from traveling to the Dutch capital to watch the Euro 2020 match on Saturday, however, according to fans, they may be allowed to enter the Netherlands if they are in and out of the country within 12 years. Hours.

The Netherlands has recorded 1,678,983 cases and more than 17,700 deaths so far.

Despite a call from the Welsh authorities not to travel abroad due to the COVID-19 situation, earlier this month a few hundred fans went to Baku in Azerbaijan and Rome in Italy for Wales’ opening match at Euro 2020.

While the current situation of the Corona epidemic is causing difficulties for fans to travel abroad, some European countries such as Germany and Norway have provided some facilities for the European Football Championship, especially for football players, so their travel process may be easier.

Previously, Germany exempted from the quarantine requirement people participating in the European football championship, even if their country of origin was severely affected by the virus.

Besides Germany, the authorities in Norway have also introduced a modified quarantine for top professional footballers who need to enter and leave the country more often to complete national team assignments.

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