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Valencia Named European Capital of Smart Tourism 2022

The city of Valencia in Spain has been named the European Smart Tourism Capital of 2022.

The city was selected by a European Commission jury, while the decision came after taking into account Valencia’s achievements in sustainability, accessibility, digitalization, cultural heritage and creativity, reports.

Other applications from a total of 16 other countries submitted initiatives, such as Bordeaux (France), Dublin (Ireland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Florence (Italy) as well as Palma (Spain).

In this regard, Middelfart (Denmark) has been selected as the European Destination for Excellence (EDEN) for 2022.

Initiatives like this attempt to focus on smart and sustainable tourism practices and promote the growth of such practices in Europe, the EU Correspondent reported.

As for the recent Valencia Prize, Valencia City Council Tourism Consultant Emiliano Garcia emphasized that such distinction from the European Union shows recognition of the work on sustainability that the Spanish city is developing alongside the business industry.

He noted that “Valencia positions itself as a global, smart and sustainable tourist destination, at the level of large tourist cities and European capitals.”

Garcia emphasized that Valencia is the leading project in terms of sustainability.

“We position ourselves as a destination for international photography thanks to the Film Bureau constitution. We are the 2022 World Design Capital, and in parallel we continue to maximize the value and highlight of our traditional heritage, both tangible and intangible.”

Valencia will introduce a promotional video in the city and other promotional activities within the European Union to support visibility and awareness of the award, according to the Central Travel Agency.

Up to this point, Valencia has promoted projects that allow progress and meet the sustainable development goals of the destination marketing organisation. Additionally, by 2025, Valencia aims to be carbon neutral.

The winners will officially receive their prizes at the Awards Ceremony to be held on November 16. The event is jointly organized by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission.

Spain is the second most visited region in Europe. According to the World Tourism Organization report, this country received a total of 82.8 million visitors during 2018.

However, Spain has also been hit hard by the coronavirus and its new strains. Therefore, the Commission is trying to create a transition path to promote a more resilient and innovative tourism ecosystem to help the tourism sector emerge from the crisis caused by the virus.

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