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Vaccination Is Key Factor on Europeans’ Confidence to Travel Again, Research Shows

A European Travel Commission (ETC) report showed that more than half of European citizens revealed that the EU’s COVID-19 digital certificate played a major role in persuading them to travel amid the pandemic.

The survey was conducted during the last three waves of COVID-19 infection, from February 2020 to September 2021, and included 5,769 respondents from ten countries: the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, reports.

“The importance of an EU digital COVID certification positively correlates with respondents’ attitudes toward strict health and safety protocols: 69% of those who agree/strongly agree with the usefulness of a COVID certification feel more secure with such measures versus only 11% of those who strongly disagree,” As stated in the report.

Furthermore, about 57.8% of people agreed that the EUDCC made travel easier, 24.3% were neutral, and 18% disagreed.

Nationals of the Netherlands were among those who agreed least on this issue with 28.2 percent compared to Spaniards, and 72.4 percent of them vouched for the importance of the EUDCC on travel.

Among those who favor EUDCC are Italians (65.1% in favor and 12.4% against), Germans (63.1% versus 14.5%) and Poles (58.8% versus 6%).

Belgians (55.8 percent versus 20.4 percent), the French (55.7 percent versus 19.3 percent) and Austria (55 percent versus 19 percent) are in the middle while the British, the Swiss (50.9 percent versus 24.1 percent). percent) and the Dutch (44.6 percent in favor) remain at the bottom of this list. A quarter of Britons were neutral on the matter, scoring the highest percentage point.

Furthermore, 48 percent of respondents, over the age of 18, admitted that they would travel once they were vaccinated against the life-threatening COVID-19 virus, while 21.5 percent were skeptical about traveling regardless of vaccination status. Additionally, 30.8 percent were neutral, which is 10 percent more than the previous assessment.

More than half of the respondents (54.8 per cent) agreed that introducing the vaccine in the country of origin bolstered their confidence to travel, while 24.4 per cent were neutral and 20.7 per cent claimed to be neutral on the matter.

Furthermore, 15.4 per cent of respondents revealed that their confidence in travel is being vaccinated against COVID-19, 12.2 per cent appreciated flexible cancellation policies, 9.9 per cent considered them more confident in travel due to the complete lifting of travel restrictions, and 8.9 per cent expressed appreciation for flexible cancellation policies. . The hundred rated the most destination management for the COVID situation.

Furthermore, 8.3 percent were more confident in traveling because of the destination’s health and safety protocols, and 8 percent liked attractive deals.

However, going into quarantine concerned 18.6 percent of respondents, followed by changes to in-flight travel restrictions (14.2 percent) and a rise in COVID-19 cases at the destination (13.9 percent).

Only 12.6 percent were concerned about getting infected during their trip, while 10 percent were bothered by books and cancellation policies.

Previously, reported that two out of three Europeans have confirmed that they plan to travel in the coming months, confirming that traveler confidence is gradually increasing. Nationals of Poland remain the most eager to travel (73 percent), followed by Spaniards (72 percent) and Italians (68.3 percent).

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