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US Officially Opens Its Doors To European Citizens, After Banning Entry for Nearly 20 Months

After being banned from entering the United States for about 20 months, citizens of many European countries can now travel to the United States.

As of today, November 8, authorities in the United States have opened their doors to travelers from the Schengen area countries, as well as from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, Brazil, China and India, reports.

The authorities in the United States previously announced that they will open their doors to all people who have been vaccinated against the Corona virus and its new strains.

In March 2020, former US President Donald Trump imposed an entry ban on arrivals from many other countries in an effort to stop the spread of the Corona virus and its new strains and protect the lives of citizens.

However, such a decision has caused many controversies, especially among the authorities in the European Union who have constantly called on the US authorities to lift the ban and allow European citizens to travel to the United States again. However, such a thing had not happened in months.

However, on September 20, the authorities in the United States finally announced that they will allow entry to arrivals from other countries, without obligating them to follow quarantine rules, upon entry, provided that they have completed the vaccination process against the Corona virus.

The announcement also increased bookings to more than 70 percent, recorded in mid-October, based on research by ForwardKeys.

Soon after, on October 15, the White House published an announcement confirming that the ban on arrivals from other countries would be lifted on November 8.

According to figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 45968,940 people in the United States have tested positive for coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic, while the virus has killed more than 744,300 people in the United States, during the same period.

WHO figures also revealed that the US recorded 79,444 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours, while 1,258 people died during the same period.

However, despite these numbers, the authorities in the United States have finally decided to abolish travel restrictions and facilitate the travel process for all people who have been vaccinated against the Corona virus.

The White House previously announced through a statement: “The CDC has determined that for purposes of travel to the United States, acceptable vaccines will include FDA approved or licensed vaccines, and WHO-listed emergency use vaccines. (WHO) (EUL)”.

Currently, the following COVID-19 vaccines have been approved by the World Health Organization:

Moderna Pfizer / BioNTech Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) AstraZeneca, including Covishield Sinopharm (Beijing) Sinovac

In addition, the US authorities have also stressed that all people who have completed the immunization process with any of the vaccines approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

At present, the following vaccines are considered valid evidence of immunity by the Food and Drug Administration:

However, although travelers from many other countries, including from the Schengen area, are now allowed to travel to the United States, the latter’s experts have called on its citizens not to travel to most European countries until spring, after the latter. He is suffering from a rise in the number of coronavirus infections.

Recently, reported that a University of California professor of medicine called on US citizens not to travel to Europe until spring.

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