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US Continues to Advise Against Travel to EU Despite the Facilitation of Travel Restrictions by Member States

Despite the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in the majority of EU/EEA countries, the US State Department continues to advise everyone not to take non-essential travel.

The US travel advisory is updated every week, but the authorities haven’t made any changes regarding EU/EEA countries for weeks now.

According to data provided by the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), all EU/EEA countries, including popular destinations here such as Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, and Greece, currently have “Level 4: Do not” travel advice, according to reports.

While some countries were added to this list in early 2021, others were added later during the year. The full list is as follows:

Austria (Added October 2021) Belgium (Added November 2021) Bulgaria (Added September 2021) Croatia (Added October 2021) Cyprus (Added December 2021) Czech Republic (Added November 2021) Denmark (Added November 2021) Estonia (Added August 2021) Finland (Added December 2021) France (Added December 2021) Germany (Added November 2021) Greece (Added August 2021) Hungary (Added Added in November 2021 Iceland (added in November 2021) Ireland (added in August 2021) Italy (added in December 2021) Latvia (added in October 2021) Lithuania (added in September 2021) Luxembourg (added in November 2021) Malta (added December 2021) Netherlands (added November 2021) Norway (added September 2021) Poland (added November 2021) Portugal (added December 2021) Romania (added January 2022) Slovakia (added November 2021) Slovenia (added September 2021) Spain (added December 2021) Sweden (added Ft Dec 2021) Dec 2021) Switzerland (Added Aug 2021)

Level 4 is the highest advisory level and means unvaccinated and non-exhausted travelers are advised to avoid non-essential intake. In contrast, this advice is not strongly applied to those who have already completed the vaccination process as well as those who have recovered from the virus.

While the United States continues to advise its citizens not to take trips, the European Union is doing the opposite. Several EU/EEA countries have already removed travel rules for COVID-19 and are now allowing entry to all people regardless of vaccination status or country of origin.

Hungary and Ireland are the latest two EU countries to abolish their entry rules. Travelers can now enter Hungary and Ireland without having to present a valid vaccination, recovery certificate or test. In addition, it is also exempt from national COVID-19 restrictions.

Apart from the above two countries, Iceland, Norway and Slovenia have also dropped their entry rules. They are now allowing entry to everyone, even those who have not been vaccinated against the virus.

Although other EU countries continue to maintain their own entry rules, the majority of them have already abolished their national COVID-19 restrictions, and others plan to do so soon.

Austria has already lifted its domestic restrictions. Travelers are no longer required to follow COVID-19 preventive measures.

Other countries, such as Germany and France, also plan to relax their rules by the end of this month.

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