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Unvaccinated Tennis Player Novak Djokovic to Miss Out on French Open Due to COVID-19 Measures in France

Professional tennis player Novak Djokovic is risking his career as he will not be allowed to attend the French Open event after the government tightened its coronavirus restrictions.

Under the new regulation, which will take effect on February 15, the redemption certificate – which currently serves Djokovic to enter the country and attend the French Open event – will be valid for six to four months, reports.

Such measures are hampering Djokovic’s chances of attending the event, as he claimed to have tested positive for COVID-19 in mid-December. By May 22, when the French Open was officially scheduled to take place, Djokovic’s recovery certificate will expire, and he will only be able to attend the event if he decides to get a vaccination or tests positive for the virus again within that time frame.

According to the French Ministry of Sports, there will be no exceptions in the case of Djokovic, where the vaccination requirement applies to all citizens and travelers.

“This will apply to every spectator or professional athlete. And that is until further notice. As far as Roland Garros is concerned, it is in May. The situation may change from time to time and hopefully it will be more favorable,” the ministry said earlier this week.

Earlier this month, the athlete was deported from Australia and banned from playing in the Australian Open for not meeting the country’s COVID-19 vaccination criteria.

Furthermore, Djokovic’s next tournament, the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, is scheduled to take place on February 21. In order to attend this event, the athlete will have to submit a PCR test before entering the UAE.

French authorities impose strict rules on unvaccinated individuals because they are required to undergo a ten-day quarantine upon entering the country, and they are also not allowed to enter any recreational facilities.

Moreover, the French authorities implement strict entry rules for those coming from the red list, which currently consists of Afghanistan, Belarus, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Georgia, Nigeria, Mauritius, Montenegro, Pakistan, Suriname, Tanzania, Turkey and the United States. America. Arrivals from these countries must provide a compelling reason to enter French territory, as well as a pre-departure test.

As a result of the strict rules, groups of dissatisfied people have taken to the streets of Paris to protest the new measure, under which unvaccinated French are not allowed to board domestic flights, attend sports stadiums, or enter bars, cinemas or restaurants. In the past month, several other capitals have seen floods of people protesting similar measures as seen in Athens, Helsinki, Paris, Stockholm and London.

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