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UNTWO Urges Govts to Abolish Travel Ban on Southern African Countries – Calls Restrictions Discriminatory & Ineffective

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has criticized travel restrictions imposed on travelers from countries on the African continent after the discovery of a new strain of COVID-19.

The law comes on the heels of the World Tourism Organization’s General Assembly held last week, where representatives from all countries expressed solidarity with southern African countries and urged governments to rescind travel bans imposed in these countries, reports.

The World Tourism Organization has reminded governments that travel restrictions remain discriminatory, ineffective and do not comply with the WHO’s recommendation. The World Tourism Organization also noted that such restrictions may also lead to the stigmatization of countries or regions that the world does not need amid fears of new virus variants.

>> Explanation of the new COVID-19 travel restrictions imposed by EU/Schengen countries throughout the weekend

Moreover, member states and partners, as well as international organizations, emphasized that travel restrictions should be a last resort in response to unsafe epidemiological situations. Furthermore, the rally participants stressed that if restrictions are introduced, they must be proportionate, transparent and science-based, taking into account how such restrictions affect vulnerable and developing countries.

Yesterday, the African Aviation Association (AFRAA) denounced the member states of the European Union for the travel cover, saying it is discriminatory and stigmatizing African countries, especially South Africa, where the type of virus was detected.

“Why target Africa when the virus is reported in other regions as well? No attempts to stigmatize Africa through travel bans will succeed. We must not confuse politics with science. The Omicron variant has now been detected in several regions of the world, yet the travel ban appears to be targeting Africa Abdel Rahman Berti, president of Afrah, stated that this is an affront to global efforts to find a lasting solution.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) also expressed concerns about the measures applied to southern African countries, and indicated that travel restrictions do not have a significant impact on coronavirus cases. The International Air Transport Association has urged countries to find better solutions to prevent further spread of the disease, and is strongly discouraging travel restrictions as they have proven ineffective.

As Saad Omar, director of the Yale Institute for Global Health, noted that such travel restrictions are ineffective, other global health experts have also agreed.

Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization, said.

Additionally, the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has discouraged the imposed travel ban and has instead advised governments to focus on public and social health measures.

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