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Ukraine War: EU Wants Frontex to Further Support Moldova in Migration Management

The European Commission today proposed that the Council open negotiations on the status agreement between Frontex and the Republic of Moldova.

In a press release issued today, March 10, the European Union Commission announced that this agreement will allow Frontex to support the Moldovan border guards to manage the current situation at the border with Ukraine, reports.

According to the commission, more than 250 thousand people fled the war in Ukraine and went to Moldova in search of safety.

The same also indicates that Moldovan border guards are facing challenges due to the high number of people fleeing the war and the division of the border into an active war zone.

“This agreement will specifically allow for the deployment of Frontex teams to carry out border management tasks including registration and border checks, led by the Moldovan authorities to respond to these challenges,” the statement read.

The EU Commission has stated that if this status agreement is reached, it will strengthen the existing cooperation between Frontex and Moldova, on the basis of the Employment Agreement concluded in 2008.

The status agreement will also positively affect the management of the borders of Moldova and Romania and the overall management of the external borders of the European Union.

In addition, through a press release issued by Frontex on March 2, Agency Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri revealed that additional support will be sent to Romania by sending more than 150 officers to the Romanian border and 45 patrol vehicles along with other equipment.

Frontex is already supporting Romania as part of an on-going land border operation at the EU’s external land borders (Operation Tira) which takes place across 12 EU Member States and covers 62 border crossing points. Reinforcements will be part of the ongoing process,” the statement read.

The officers will help the Romanian authorities to monitor the huge number of people crossing the border from Ukraine and at the same time carry out other work related to border control.

Frontex also stressed that it is in talks with other neighboring member states with Ukraine to fully support them by sending officers and equipment.

Meanwhile, the agency is looking for ways to support non-Ukrainian citizens who have fled the war zone and want to return to their countries of origin.

Moreover, EU member states such as Poland, Slovakia and Hungary which share a border with Ukraine, opened their doors to more than two million people who fled the war zone in the first two weeks since the invasion began.

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