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UK nationals Most Excited to Travel to US, Statistics Show

The news of the US reopening 33 countries was particularly good news for Brits as the number of flights booked from them increased dramatically within 24 hours of the announcement made on September 20.

Moreover, when the opening date (November 8) was later confirmed, the increase jumped to 2,200 percent, reports.

Travelport reveals that searches for flights from the UK to the US alone have surpassed searches from all other European countries combined.

The country remained at the top of flight bookings, resulting in a 108 percent increase from the first week of the announcement.

Furthermore, while the most popular month for international travelers to visit the US is November 2021, followed by December, the most popular date for departures is the first day of reopening – November 8.

Moreover, the best American destinations for Brits are Orlando, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Delta Air Travel Services is expanding flights for the upcoming season to several European cities, including London – Boston, Detroit and New York – JFK, Amsterdam – Boston, Dublin – New York – JFK, Frankfurt – New York – JFK and Munich-Atlanta .

International travel to the United States added about $234 billion in export income to the country’s economy and generated a surplus of $51 billion while also supporting 1.2 million American jobs in 2019.

Bookings for flights in the US are at about 70 percent of pre-pandemic levels, with 52 percent of those bookings for international travel. Furthermore, Travelport revealed that besides the UK, the main markets in the EU are Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Most US destinations booked by French, German, Italian and Swiss nationals include New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Furthermore, entry rules for Britons traveling to the US include proof of complete vaccination with FDA-accepted vaccines and a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours before departure.

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“Aliens who have not received vaccination may enter the United States only if they meet criteria for very limited exceptions and adhere to post-arrival testing, quarantine, and vaccination. Customers must also provide details to meet US contact tracing requirements,” the airline’s press release explains. DELTA.

Otherwise, unvaccinated travelers are required to take a test within the third and fifth day of arrival, and self-isolate for seven days, regardless of the test result. Moreover, during the flight, passengers must wear a face mask.

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