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Turkish Ministry Ordered Schengen Visas for Officials Linked to Country’s Intelligence Services

Two Islamist activists linked to Turkish intelligence received assistance from the Turkish Foreign Ministry to obtain Schengen visas from the Belgian Consulate in Istanbul through diplomatic channels to issue an official statement and obtain urgent approval.

According to Nordic Monitor, the Foreign Ministry sent an urgent note to the Belgian Embassy in Ankara on May 19, 2017, asking the Belgian Consulate to process two Schengen visas as soon as possible for officials from the Turkey Youth Foundation (TUGVA), which is run by the family of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to Nordic Monitor. for

TUGVA President Ismail Imant and Vice President Sekcin Koc will participate in the NATO Conference on May 24, which will be attended by President of Turkey Rixp Tayyip Erdogan, as a member of the Presidency Committee of the Republic of Turkey. Ismael Iman and Sakin Koc will travel on Air Force One. Therefore, there is no reservation for the plane ticket.”

Moreover, TUGVA, according to Nordic Monitor, is an extension of Turkish intelligence under the cover of an NGO and has a secret mandate to recruit young people in Turkey and diaspora communities to help support President Erdogan’s Islamist regime.

The Foundation operates many student dormitories in Turkey, has access to schools and promotes political Islam compatible with the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The statement of the Directorate General of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that Ismail Imant, President of TÜGVA, and MP Seskin Koç were part of the president’s delegation and stated that the reason for their visit to Brussels was related to the NATO summit. Both people were also part of the official delegation of President Erdogan, who was expected to attend the summit in Belgium on May 25.

However, according to a leaked memo from the TUGVA archive, both officials planned to meet with the president to discuss the foundation’s activities and receive guidance on pursuing operations in Turkey and abroad. The note also mentioned the following numbers, which TÜGVA numbers can access in an effort to mobilize young people in Turkey and call a youth conference there:

Khaled Meshaal, the former leader of Hamas and the current head of the Hamas political bureau abroad, the figure of the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood, Rachid Al-Qanoushi, the Bosnian Muslim politician Bekir Izetbegovic, the former Bosnian member of the Bosnian presidency.

The memo also indicated that TÜGVA clients planned to speak on board with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Erdogan’s chief adviser and spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin, to discuss areas of study that the institution should focus on in the future.

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