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Turkey Nationals Vaccinated With Turkovac Face Tightened Entry Rules When Reaching Germany

Citizens of Turkey who have been vaccinated with the Turkish-made vaccine, Turkovac, will not be able to enter Germany for travel purposes as the latter has updated its entry rules.

Under rules set by German authorities, people who have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines approved for use by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are considered fully immune, reports.

This means that all Turks who have been vaccinated with Trikovac are considered unvaccinated upon arrival in Germany and will therefore face strict rules.

On the other hand, people immunized with one of the four EMA-approved vaccines can still travel to Germany without having to follow strict entry rules or be subject to an entry ban.

Those vaccinated with Trikovac will only be allowed to enter Germany if they are traveling for very essential purposes, such as working as a witness, provided they follow a ten-day quarantine period upon entry.

In return, entry will not be allowed for those wishing to enter Germany for travel purposes.

Apart from announcing that the country will not allow entry to those who have been vaccinated with Trikovac, German authorities have asked people who have taken one or two doses of Trikovac not to apply for a German visa.

Despite this request, everyone can still apply for a visa. However, its release depends on the type of vaccine the applicant has received. Those who have not been vaccinated or are considered unvaccinated will only be allowed to enter Germany upon completion of the COVID-19 immunization process.

The Turkish-made Turkovac vaccine was approved for use by the Turkish authorities earlier last month and began being introduced in larger hospitals during the last week of 2021. The vaccine was developed by the Turkish Health Institutes and Kayseri Erciyes University.

However, since no data regarding the efficacy of the vaccine has been announced yet, neither the EMA nor the World Health Organization has approved the vaccine yet.

Turkey has been classified as a high-risk area by the German authorities since August 17, 2021. In line with the rules that apply to those traveling from high-risk areas, citizens of Turkey must fill out a digital entry form and carry the confirmation with them upon entry.

In addition, everyone is required to provide a valid certificate indicating that its holder has been vaccinated, has been infected previously, or has tested negative.

“Travelers who have previously resided in a high-risk area must carry evidence of testing, vaccination or proof of recovery and, if using a carrier, provide the evidence to the carrier for the purpose of transportation,” a statement by Robert Koch Institute reads.

Previously, Germany added 35 more countries to its high-risk list. Travelers from severely affected countries need to follow additional entry rules when arriving in Germany.

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