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Turkey Joins Horizon, ERASMUS+ & Solidarity Corpse EU Programs

The European Commission and Turkey have updated their agreements on research, education and training, which will allow researchers, teachers, trainees, innovators and young people from Turkey to participate in these programs under the same conditions as nationals of EU member states, Schengen reports.

According to Erudera News, Maria Gabriel, EU Commissioner for Research on Innovation, Culture and Education, and Faruk Kaymakji, Ambassador and Director of EU Affairs and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, signed the three agreements last week, which are aimed at strengthening the company. From both sides in the field of climate, research and education.

I welcome Turkey to Horizon Europe, ERASMUS+ and Solidarity Corps. EU Commissioner Gabriel said Turkish participation in the new generation of EU programs will enhance their capabilities and support integration into the European Research Area and the European Education Area.

Through Horizon 2020, Turkish partners have benefited from approximately €277 million from the European Union and demonstrated improvement and leadership in researchers’ mobility, energy, health and sustainability.

Furthermore, the European Solidarity Corps aims to support citizenship, democratic participation, immigration, culture and education. Funding comes in the form of grants to organizations through a call for proposals.

The successful partnership between the Turkish Research Area (TARAL) and (ERA), the European Research Area displays its results through projects such as Black Sea CONNECT, which aims to develop and promote the blue growth and economic prosperity of the Black Sea; MAtchUP offers innovative solutions for cities, communities and NIMBLE, a project geared towards developing environmentally friendly business solutions that support internal corporate collaboration for industry, manufacturers, logistics and more.

Participation in Erasmus+ will continue to support education-related projects for the professional, educational and personal development of those involved in education, training, youth and sport – all while contributing to greater sustainability, social inclusion and an active community. In the previous programme, which ran from 2014 to 2020, about 740 million euros were allocated to Turkish projects related to the topic. previously reported the latest framework introduced by the European Commission last month, which will be in place for the next six years. The new framework is geared towards a more diverse and inclusive environment, especially for two programmes, Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps, which have a budget of €28 billion at their disposal until 2027, when the framework expires.

Among the measures to be addressed over the next six years are providing financial support to those in need, creating a customized experience for participants including language, visits and mentorship, and offering flexible learning opportunities such as digital and virtual communication and visibility.

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