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Travelling to EU With NHS COVID Certificate: What Brits Should Know

Following the decision to recognize the NHS COVID Pass – the equivalent of the EU’s COVID-19 digital certificate, all British citizens holding the document are eligible to travel to 27 countries without additional testing and quarantine requirements.

Furthermore, all adult UK citizens and permanent residents can obtain the document if:

They have received doses of Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer or the one-shot vaccine, Janssen, have recovered from COVID-19, have a positive test for proving infection, which would expect a person to be immune to the virus for 180 days after he/she tests positive, has They performed a PCR test, which served as evidence of immunity for 72 hours and antigen tests for 48 hours

The document was initially released by the European Commission, while it was intended to facilitate travel amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. reports that all NHS COVID Pass holders must follow the same entry rules as EUDCC holders. However, each member state has its own entry rules, so before traveling to the EU, Britons should research whether the country they are going to applies stricter rules for travelers.

Additional entry requirements include filling out an entry form, also known as a passenger locator form, before travel and in many countries to undergo testing before or after departure, regardless of vaccination status.

In general, the document, which can be issued in both digital and paper formats, must include basic personal data such as the owner’s first and last name, date of birth, country of issue and a unique QR code.

For vaccinated travelers, the document displays the name of the vaccine and the manufacturer, the number of doses received and the dates of vaccination.

For those who submit a test, the document shows the test type, date and time, test center name, and negative result.

For travelers who have recovered from the virus, the document shows the date of the positive test result, the name of the certification body, the date it was issued and its validity.

Moreover, together with the United Kingdom, the EU Commission has recognized Armenia vaccination passports as valid and equivalent to EUDCC.

“Good news for travelers to the UK and Armenia! Today, we have adopted two new resolutions certifying that the COVID-19 certificates issued by these two countries are equivalent to the EU’s COVID digital certificate,” the European Commission announced.

Before the NHS COVID Pass was recognized, Britons had to transfer their vaccination certificates to France and some other member states. However, they are now eligible to enter the country by presenting an NHS document only.

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