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Travelling from Turkey to Germany Amid COVID-19: Rules on Vaccination, Quarantine, Testing & More

Germany is one of the European Union countries that have kept some strict restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, once countries around the world started their own vaccination campaigns and with infection rates dropping every day, the German authorities decided to open their borders, even for non-essential travel.

Along with dozens of other citizens allowed into German territory, travelers from Turkey have for some time been able to travel to Germany. However, since Turkey is currently part of the high-risk list, travelers from the country need to meet certain rules and requirements when arriving in Germany.

Turkey was placed on Germany’s high-risk list on August 17, 2021, reports.

According to the German body responsible for disease prevention and control, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Turkey, as well as all other countries classified as high-risk areas, have been placed on this list due to their high. Infection rates are more than 100 positive COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents per week.

In line with the current rules that Germany applies against all travelers from a high-risk country, Turkish citizens are obligated to submit a negative test result taken prior to entry, log them in by filling out a digital entry form at, and keep the confirmation with them at the time of arrival.

Furthermore, travelers from Turkey are required to stay isolated for ten days upon their arrival in Germany. However, the authorities made it clear that Turkish travelers with a valid vaccination certificate indicating that its holder has been fully vaccinated against the virus with one of the recognized vaccines, can bypass the quarantine requirements.

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Travelers from Turkey who can present a virus recovery certificate within the past six months, as well as those who have recently taken a negative COVID-19 test are also eligible to end the quarantine period earlier.

“Vaccinated and recovered persons can finish quarantine from the time proof of vaccination or recovery is sent through the entry gate. If dispatch is made prior to entry (strongly recommended), then no quarantine is needed,” the German authorities said.

Turkey is already connected to the EU’s COVID digital certificate system, which means that certificates issued in the country are recognized by all EU/Schengen area countries. Therefore, since vaccination, recovery certificates as well as test results are widely recognized, Turkish citizens who hold the document are exempted from the entry rules.

All persons over 12 years of age must provide one of the documents in order to be allowed entry without restrictions.

“People 12 years of age or older must have a negative test result, evidence of vaccination, or evidence of recovery on admission,” the RKI noted.

Previously, German authorities announced that Americans can now travel to the country under concessional entry rules. US citizens can now bypass multiple quarantine and testing requirements.

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