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Travellers Who Are Not Fully Vaccinated Subject to Quarantine Rules Upon Arrival in Slovakia

In a statement, the Ministry of the Interior announced that travelers who took only the first dose of approved vaccines against the Corona virus, are no longer exempt from quarantine rules upon their arrival in Slovakia.

However, the same ministry made it clear that the quarantine period could be ended if travelers took a second PCR test on the fifth day of their arrival and the result was negative, reports.

Authorities in Slovakia have indicated that fully vaccinated travelers, as well as those with an EU COVID vaccination certificate, are not obligated to follow the recent decision by the government of the Central European country.

“Vaccinated persons are not subject to quarantine after entering the Slovak Republic. In addition to the EU COVID Card or the confirmation of vaccination in Slovakia, it is also possible to prove yourself with certificates from other countries when entering the Slovak Republic. The requirement is that this confirmation be in Slovak, Czech or English .

The statement published by the Ministry also indicates that travelers entering the Slovak Republic by air are obliged to fill out the form.

In addition, travelers from countries not listed below are required to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test result for no more than 72 hours upon arrival.

The following regions are exempt from the negative PCR test requirement: Albania, Armenia, Andorra, Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, France, Georgia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Ireland, Israel, Iceland, Japan, Canada, Jordan, Kosovo, South Korea, Liechtenstein and New Zealand.

Besides, nationals of the following countries wishing to enter Slovakia are allowed to do so without undergoing the test requirements on their arrival; Cuba, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Macau, Malta, Hungary, Monaco, Germany, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Austria, San Marino, Singapore, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Spain, Mexico, USA, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy, Ukraine and the Vatican.

Despite the current situation of the Coronavirus, the authorities in Slovakia previously announced that they expect this summer season to be better than last year, which was severely affected by COVID-19. However, the president of the Slovak Association of Travel Agencies (SACKA), Roman Birx, stressed that beyond optimism, the assumed volumes will remain below pre-pandemic levels.

Last month, the government of Slovakia announced that fully vaccinated travelers would be allowed to enter the country without restrictions. Such a decision was made after the authorities in Slovakia changed entry restriction rules on July 9.

Slovakia has recorded more than 392,700 cases of COVID-19, and more than 12,500 deaths, so far, based on figures published by the World Health Organization.

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