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Travel to Austria for Touristic Purposes Will Be Possible Again After December 13

After imposing a national lockdown and restricting entry for the majority of travelers, Austrian authorities revealed that travel for tourist purposes will be allowed again after December 13.

The Austrian government previously imposed a temporary lockdown due to an increase in cases of the COVID-19 virus. The ban went into effect on November 22, meaning that travel to Austria has been impossible for the last 16 days and will remain so for another six days, reports.

Accordingly, once the temporary lockdown is over, those who wish to enter Austria for travel purposes will be able to do so, provided that the authorities do not impose any additional entry rules.

“The lockdown in Austria will be in effect from November 22 to December 13 most likely. Travel to Austria for tourism purposes will only be possible again after that date,” the official Austria travel portal said in a statement.

However, all who wish to travel to Austria after December 13th should note that they still have to follow certain entry rules in order to be admitted.

Austria currently requires all people to provide a COVID-19 test result, vaccination certificate or recovery certificate. Those who do not hold a vaccination or refund certificate must submit a negative PCR result within 72 hours. Rapid antigen tests are not accepted.

On the other hand, those who hold a valid vaccination or refund certificate are not subject to the test requirements. However, the vaccination certificate must indicate that the holder has been immunized with one of the accepted vaccines in the past nine months.

>> Austria shortens the validity of vaccination certificates from 12 to 9 months starting from December

In addition, while staying in Austria, everyone, including tourists, is required to provide proof of vaccination or recovery in order to be allowed access to public places and various activities.

“During your stay in Austria, the 2-G rule applies. This means that only proof of vaccination/previous infection is accepted for entry to any type of accommodation, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, recreation centers, gyms, cultural institutions, use of cable cars/ski lifts and body-related services (such as Hairdressers) Austrian authorities have made clear that testing for Covid-19 is not enough.

>> Austria now requires everyone, including tourists, to provide proof of vaccination or recovery when in public

In contrast, stricter rules apply to travelers from Omicron affected areas. People from Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe are currently subject to an entry ban.

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