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Tourism in Ireland May Not Recover Until 2026, Travel Representatives Say

Travel representatives in Ireland have revealed that the tourism sector in Ireland is not expected to recover from the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, at least for another four years.

Moreover, according to Paul Kelly, CEO of Failte Ireland, the Irish tourist commercial transport, the country will not see pre-pandemic levels in the number of tourists until 2026. In addition, the authority revealed that it has set aside more than €5 million to lobby for Domestic tourism and business audiences. However, as Kelly noted, Irish tourism will struggle to recover, reports.

The Irish Tourism Association (ITIC) previously revealed that the country’s tourism and travel sector lost about 400 million euros last month, and it is estimated that about 17 million euros is lost daily in the country due to the ongoing pandemic.

More specifically, travel restrictions imposed in an effort to protect public health have affected the country in a significant way. According to the authority, about 12.2 billion euros in the tourism sector has been emitted in Ireland due to the pandemic.

The chief executive of the Center for Information and Communications Technology, Omara Walsh, said he expects a 60 percent rebound from 2019 levels in the summer, which would be “very welcome”. He also added that recovery depends on “pro-aviation” and “pro-tourism” policies from the government.

Moreover, last year, the Irish Central Statistics (CSO) revealed that in November 2021 Ireland registered 785,800 international arrivals, which is a 15.1 percent decrease compared to the previous month’s figures.

In addition, the same source revealed that the country recorded a total of 785,000 international departures, indicating a decrease of 12.3 percent compared to the October figures.

Recently, Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, revealed that his government is considering relaxing national rules for citizens, such as abolishing the requirement to provide vaccination, recovery or a test certificate to enter the country’s restaurant bars. In addition, Varadkar noted that the requirement to wear a face covering could be limited to doing so only in seasonal periods when more tourists are in Ireland.

“I think it would be really good if we could set March 31 as our target to end all legal restrictions, legislation on masks and Covid permits, and all the rest would expire on March 31. Not that that is possible, we have the option to extend that for another three months until end of June,” Varadkar said in a statement.

However, this requirement does not apply to international arrivals who are required to present a COVID-19 card to enter recreational facilities in the country.

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