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Thousands of Protesters in EU Member States & UK Are Opposing Vaccine Certificate Requirements

European citizens took to the streets on Saturday for pre-tests on vaccination passports and other vaccination-related requirements that governments have imposed in a bid to curb further cases of infection.

According to AP News, protests have occurred in Athens, Helsinki, Paris, Stockholm and even London, reports.

Therefore, as of today, January 24, unvaccinated French are banned from domestic flights, attending sporting events, and entering bars, cinemas and other recreational facilities, causing protesters to take their frustrations out onto the streets.

While in Paris, as people protested the introduction of the new COVID-19 card, which will restrict unvaccinated citizens, Suedes was clarifying the requirement to submit vaccine certificates for a wide range of venues, including indoor events with more than 50 people. About 3,000 protesters took part in the protests organized by Frihetrorelsen or Freedom of Movement in Stockholm.

>> France tightens COVID-19 measures for everyone, including tourists

At the same event, according to Swedish media, the neo-Nazi northern resistance movement was observed – previously associated with violent actions at demonstrations. A demonstration on similar grounds began with about 1,000 participants in Göteborg, Sweden’s second largest city.

Moreover, Finnish authorities also announced new national and entry rules last year in order to reduce Omicron variant cases.

Restrictions introduced include banning events, switching college classes for online options, limiting restaurant service, and closing venues. Furthermore, restaurants and events are permitted to allow individuals to submit vaccination certificates.

>> Finland extends existing travel restrictions due to coronavirus until January 31

In response, the streets of Helsinki were filled with protesters protesting the latest decision. About 4,000 people marched on Saturday in the Finnish capital, police said, and the protest was led by a group called Global Demonstration.

On the other hand, the Norwegian authorities have previously introduced new national rules, which are less moderate than those previously imposed. According to the new rules, kindergartens and primary schools are not subject to the rules for occupying space, and children are allowed to participate in outdoor activities.

Furthermore, adults can also stay outdoors and share their space with others, if needed. In addition, restaurants and bars will be able to continue their activities until 23.00. But entry rules for travelers remain very strict for international arrivals, as all EU countries are on Norway’s unsafe travel list, and therefore additional entry requirements such as testing and self-isolation apply, especially for unvaccinated travelers.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), France is currently counting the most positive cases of COVID-19 in the European Union, with 2,293,601 cases reported in the past seven days.

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