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Third Country Travellers Can Apply for Swiss COVID-19 Certificates From October 11

From October 11, residents of third countries who have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency, and who are traveling to Switzerland, can apply for their Swiss COVID-19 certificate.

In a press release issued by the Federal Council regarding its plans for the coronavirus vaccination attack, it was noted that the Federal Government has set up a central online center for the application of Swiss COVID-19 certificates in order to enable travelers from third world countries. to obtain their certificates.

“The application center will be available from October 11, 2021. The transition period is currently in effect until October 10, 2021, and acceptance of other vaccination certificates will be extended until October 24, 2021,” the press release notes, among others.

Since September 13, Swiss COVID-19 certification has been mandatory for all people over the age of 16, including tourists, to access the interior of restaurants, cultural and entertainment facilities and many other events.

Before the requirement became effective, on September 10, reported that vaccination certificates issued in third countries would not be recognized, and as such, tourists would have to be tested for COVID-19 every three days if they wanted to access these areas.

This issue has also been raised by Switzerland Tourism (ST), a national marketing organization that promotes Switzerland worldwide as an attractive and diverse travel destination. The organization had indicated in a press release that tourists from the United Kingdom, North America, Brazil, Southeast Asia and the Gulf countries will face this problem in particular.

However, the Swiss authorities acted in this regard, announcing on September 25 that all people vaccinated in third countries with an EMA-approved vaccine would be able to apply for a Swiss COVID certificate.

“This means that tourists can also take part in social activities here,” the Federal Council said at the time.

Switzerland Tourism applauded the board’s decision to provide more details about the testimonials. Among other things, I note that obtaining a Swiss COVID-19 certificate will cost 30 Swiss francs per traveller.

Until October 24, all third-country human-readable certificates will be recognized for visitors who have been vaccinated with one of the EMA approved vaccines.

“All human-readable certificates (including personal information, vaccine, country of vaccination and date of vaccination, in certified Swiss, English or Spanish national languages ​​or translated into these languages) are valid for indoor access until October 24, 2021. This is a temporary solution. Because as of October 11, 2021, certificates must and can be converted into a Swiss certificate,” the organization explains.

Switzerland is not the first Schengen country to impose such measures, as other member states already apply such requirements to their own citizens, as well as visitors from within and outside the European Union. France, for example, already has a system that allows travelers from third countries to obtain their copy of the French COVID-19 certificate. Certification enables them to access indoor venues and events with a greater number of participants.

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