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Technical & Organisational Problems May Delay EU’s Entry/Exit System Implementation, Statewatch Says

The European Union Entry/Exit System (EES) may not be implemented in May 2022 as it was previously announced due to the serious technical and regulatory issues faced by this system. Thus, its implementation may be delayed after the summer of 2022.

Such an announcement was posted by the nonprofit Statewatch, based on a confidential letter owned by the organization, reports.

The Entry/Exit System (EES) is designed by the European Union authorities in order to better control the crossing of borders for third country nationals trying to enter the territory of the European Union.

Besides helping EU authorities register travelers from third countries, the system also tries to help them travel more efficiently, at the same time, identifying people who have overstayed in a particular country as well as those involved in illegal affairs such as identity fraud.

Based on Statewatch, citizens of the US, UK, and Georgia are among those who will be affected by the EES implementation. Although citizens of the above-mentioned regions are currently allowed visa-free travel to all Schengen area countries in Europe, they will soon have to apply for a travel permit to enter the borderless Schengen area.

In this regard, recently reported that about 1.4 billion travelers from more than 60 countries around the world will soon be required to apply for an EU travel authorization known as the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). The same travelers are currently eligible to travel to the Schengen area countries without the need to obtain a visa.

Earlier this month, the European Border Patrol Agency (Frontex) confirmed that the bloc would not be the first to raise such a requirement for travelers from other countries as part of the visa-waiver regime.

“The European Union will not be the first to introduce such a system: for many years now, visa-exempt travelers have had to apply for a travel permit to enter the United States, Canada or Australia,” the press release from Frontex noted.

In this regard, it has recently been reported that air carriers, international carriers and maritime transport groups are now able to register with both the Entry/Exit System (EES) and the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) through the European Union. Lisa’s website.

The European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale Information Technology Systems in Freedom, Security and Justice, known as eu-LISA, has announced that the registration will allow telecom companies to obtain detailed information that will help them prepare for both systems.

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