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Switzerland Will Welcome Ukrainian Refugees by Providing Them With Private Accommodation & Other Assistance

The Swiss federal government and partner organizations have expressed their readiness to receive all refugees from Ukraine into the country.

According to a press release on March 7, the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) announced that there are already thousands of accommodation facilities in federal asylum centers available for Ukrainian refugees, but additional capacity is still being sought.

In addition, Swiss Refugee Aid (SFH), in cooperation with the cantons, will place all incoming Ukrainians with special hosts or cantonal structures, reports.

According to SEM, an increasing number of refugees who do not have contact with Switzerland and need to be resettled are being registered at federal asylum centers.

In the first stage, they will be accepted and will receive full care at the Federal Asylum Center, although the SEM has announced that there are several thousand vacancies, where refugees can be accommodated.

Since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, about 700 displaced people have submitted their reports to federal asylum centers. At the first stage, it was the Ukrainians who had already resided with their relatives or acquaintances in Switzerland. Such private accommodation is possible, and the authorities owe a generous willingness to help,” the statement read.

In cooperation with other federal agencies, the Department of Refugee Affairs has established additional resources at federal asylum centers to ensure that all refugee registration and accommodations are distributed as soon as possible.

On behalf of the SEM, Swiss Refugee Aid staff are at the Federal Asylum Centers and arrange accommodations for Ukrainians.

SFH is also in contact with the hosts to arrange the displaced from Ukraine to the appropriate locations.

SFH also works with NGOs such as Tampax, which have collected offers of assistance from residents. If the fugitives wish to stay near relatives or acquaintances, this will be taken into account if possible. In addition, all Ukrainians who already live with reference persons continue to do so. The statement added that the Ministry of Women’s Affairs would like to thank Al Okhdid, all partner organizations and residents for their generous support.

The Federal Council also announced on Friday that it intends to activate the protection status of all Ukrainians fleeing their country. If this status is activated, all registered persons from Ukraine will receive Swiss protection without going through the normal asylum procedure.

The Temporary Protection Directive has been proposed by the European Commission, wh

ich provides an answer to the current situation between Russia and Ukraine by providing immediate protection and rights, reducing pressure on national asylum systems, increasing solidarity and sharing responsibilities, and further supporting EU agencies.

This status will also allow them to stay in Switzerland, work and have the right to social assistance and medical care.

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