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Switzerland Urges Its Citizens Not to Travel to Ukraine for Non-Urgent Reason

Due to tensions and the growing risk of a military escalation in Ukraine, Switzerland has also expressed concern about the situation in the country and the risks that may arise when traveling there.

In a press release issued on February 14, the Swiss Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it is taking security measures and is conducting an ongoing analysis of the situation.

According to the Swiss FDFA, Swiss citizens are asked not to travel to Ukraine for any tourist or other non-urgent reasons.

As a result of the situation arising in Ukraine, the Travel Council has warned that airlines may have to reduce and cancel flights, reports.

In addition, there are currently 257 Swiss citizens living in Ukraine who are forced to decide whether they want to leave. The Swiss Embassy in Kiev continues to support these citizens and perform its diplomatic duties.

“A large number of people accompanying embassy staff have already left Ukraine,” the Federal Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

He also suggested that the remaining persons accompanied by the children leave this country.

Switzerland also welcomes all forms of dialogue that have taken place in recent weeks and is working at all levels to support de-escalation.

The Swiss FDFA noted in this regard that “Switzerland believes that the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is the appropriate forum for dealing with European security issues, as all parties involved have a seat at the table.”

The Swiss FDFA has also announced to all Swiss citizens that they must apply at the embassy, ​​and take personal responsibility.

Recently, Ireland is another country that has also advised its citizens to leave the country of Ukraine as soon as possible.

The statement published by the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reads affairs.

Similarly, many NATO members, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, are asking their citizens to leave Ukraine.

Besides, the Norwegian authorities have called on their citizens not to travel to Ukraine, adding that the reason for this is the tense security situation and the significant build-up of strength.

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