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Switzerland to Support EU Border Agency With €56 Million Until 2027

The Swiss parliament has passed a government resolution aimed at strengthening and increasing the country’s contribution to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex).

In order to help Frontex carry out tasks primarily associated with illegal border crossing, Switzerland will increase its funding from 13 million euros (14 million Swiss francs) to 56 million euros (61 million Swiss francs) over the next five years, reports.

In addition, with the exception of providing financial support, Switzerland will also help Frontex provide more staff. By taking such steps, the Swiss authorities want to improve the return process for migrants who also enter the region illegally, support voluntary returns as well as help fight cross-border crime.

The Swiss Border Guard has been cooperating with Frontex in protecting the external borders of the European Union since 2011. According to the Federal Customs Administration in Switzerland, the Border Guard deploys approximately 40 employees to the external borders of Europe most affected by immigration issues.

Deployed border guards include document advisors, vehicle specialists, service dog handlers, border control specialists, and handlers. The department added that the informants conduct voluntary interviews with immigrants in refugee reception centers in order to obtain information on countries of origin, itineraries, smugglers’ gangs, etc.

Through the latest report by Frontex, it has been revealed that illegal border crossings in the European Union during the month of August increased significantly. More than 103,630 people have entered European countries illegally since January 2021. As a result, a 64 percent increase was recorded compared to the first half of 2020.

The same thing revealed the registration of large numbers of illegal movements of migrants on the Central Mediterranean route. Since the beginning of the year, this route alone, including Turkey, the Iberian Peninsula, Israel, Tunisia and Egypt, has detected about 41,000 illegal crossings.

In August alone, there were 8,790 detections, up 61 percent from the same month last year. Frontex noted that most of these arrivals were reported to have arrived through the Libyan and Tunisian corridors.

Based on this report, the numbers of those attempting to cross the border illegally last month rose by 53 percent, with 17,788 illegal border crossings registered.

In contrast, the number of those attempting to cross the border illegally at the eastern border decreased by 67 percent compared to July 2021, when 3,242 cases were identified.

And Frontex previously revealed that about 17,300 people entered the European Union illegally during July 2021, registering a 33 percent increase in attempts to cross the borders illegally compared to the same period last year.

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