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Switzerland Plans to Drop Requirement of Swiss COVID Certificates for Tourists

Swiss authorities have announced that they no longer need to issue Swiss COVID-19 certificates to tourists.

This means that travelers entering the country will not be required to transfer their card.

“Swiss COVID” certificates, which are issued to tourists, for example, or after rapid antibody or antigen tests, will no longer be required. However, certificates recognized by the European Union will continue to be issued. These are still required for international travel. As long as other countries still impose entry restrictions,” the Swiss authorities said in a statement.

However, this is only a suggestion and should be brought up for discussion, reports.

At the same time, the Swiss authorities announced that the country has decided to lift some restrictions because the country is no longer experiencing increasing infection rates with COVID-19.

According to the Swiss Federal Council, starting today, February 3, the requirement to work from home will be abolished and will be applied only as a recommendation,

Although this requirement would not be effective, Swiss employers must still follow protective measures, including the requirement to wear masks during working hours.

Employers will still be required to take steps to protect their employees from infection in the workplace. Working from home remains an efficient procedure. The Federal Council explains the “requirement to wear masks in the workplace”.

Another base has also been completely lifted. Swiss citizens who have been in contact with infected people will not be required to self-isolate. According to the Swiss authorities, such a decision was made as the usefulness of contact quarantine waned.

Apart from the aforementioned changes, the Swiss authorities are studying two options for further easing the remaining coronavirus rules.

The first option is to remove all actions in one step on February 17th. If this option is approved, it means that all preventive measures will be lifted, including certification requirements for indoor and outdoor public areas and requirements for wearing a mask, among others.

However, the authorities believe that if all measures are lifted at once, the country may face epidemic risks. For this reason, they suggested a second option. The second option is to raise the measures in two steps.

In order to avoid a worsening of the COVID-19 situation, the Swiss authorities have proposed a two-step approach. The first step would include raising certification requirements for restaurants and other venues, lifting restrictions on private gatherings, and lifting requirements for large outdoor events on February 17.

In this two-step approach, the remaining measures will then be raised at another stage.

To remove these remaining restrictions, the Federal Council now needs to submit a proposal and conduct consultations.

Previously, Switzerland ended the requirement to pre-test all travelers who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the virus. This is in addition to shortening the validity of vaccination certificates.

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