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Switzerland & Cabo Verde Sign Two Migration  Agreements

Switzerland and Cabo Verde have strengthened their cooperation in the field of migration after the two countries signed two agreements in this regard.

This decision was confirmed by a statement published by the Swiss government, reports.

The agreements signed by Federal Chancellor Keeler Sutter and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Regional Integration of the Republic of Cabo Verde, Rui Alberto de Figueiredo Soares, attempt to strengthen cooperation between both regions.

The first agreement, signed by the Head of the Ministry of Justice and Police and the Cabo Verde Minister, simplifies the issuance of short-stay visas to Cabo Verde citizens wishing to travel to Switzerland and back. The issuance of visas will also be adapted to the European system.

The second agreement focused on improving the readmission process and speeding up the identification and issuance of travel documents for Cabo Verde citizens who remain in Switzerland without a valid permit.

“It is currently difficult to bring these people back, especially if they have committed crimes,” the statement read.

Both countries have a long standing in the field of immigration. Approximately 900 citizens of Cabo Verde currently live in Switzerland; The majority of them have a residence or residence permit.

According to figures provided by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration, 1,446 asylum applications were lodged on Swiss soil in January of this year, 115 fewer applications compared to the previous month or 7.4%.

Compared to January 2021 figures, the number of applications for international protection increased by 614.

The same source shows that citizens of Afghanistan and Turkey account for the largest number of asylum applications submitted.

The main countries of origin of people who applied for asylum in Switzerland in January were Afghanistan with 343 applications (18 more than in December), Turkey (234 applications; a decrease of 49 percent), and Eritrea (150 applications; 18 percent), Algeria (116 applications; 17 percent) and Syria (76 applications; a decrease of 38 percent).”

Figures provided by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration showed that of the 1,446 applications submitted in January, a total of 1,051 were initial applications, compared to December 2021, when a total of 1,041 initial applications were registered.

Nationals of the following countries remained the top countries of origin for initial applications in January 2022: Afghanistan, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco and Georgia.

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