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Switzerland Among Best European Countries for Its Living Conditions

The standard of living as well as life satisfaction is still very high in Switzerland compared to other European countries, according to the 2020 Income and Living Conditions Survey (SILC) of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).

However, the same shows that many people in Swiss soil were severely affected by poverty in 2020, reports.

The report published by the FSO noted that “8.5 percent of the Swiss population, or approximately 720,000 people, were affected by income poverty in 2020”.

The survey focused on the situation before the spread of the Corona virus, its new variants, and at the beginning of the epidemic.

According to the report, the general standard of living is estimated from the median equivalent disposable income after adjusting for differences in price levels between states.

“In Switzerland, this income was 2.6 times higher than Greece, 1.4 times higher than France, 1.2 times higher than Germany, and 1.1 times higher than Austria. Despite higher prices, Switzerland has a higher standard of living than neighboring countries and most EU countries. “.

Satisfaction with life in Switzerland, according to the FSO, is still high. During the first half of 2020, a total of 40.4 percent of the population aged 16 or older said they were very satisfied with their current life, compared to 2014 figures, where 39 percent of the population aged 16 or older thought the same .

According to a previous survey conducted in Europe, only the following countries achieved a high rate as Switzerland.

Denmark Finland Austria Norway

The spread of the Corona virus and its new strains has caused severe damage to many industries. Besides, there was a significant decrease in life satisfaction as well. The report shows that in the first half of 2021, only 36.6 percent of the population of Swiss soil was satisfied with their lives.

The FSO survey revealed that in 2020, a total of 8.5 percent of the Swiss population was living in income poverty. Thus the poverty rate was similar to the previous year, with the poverty rate reaching 8.7 percent.

Additionally, the poverty rate among the working population was also flat, or 4.2 percent.

About 158,000 people live below the poverty line, although they used to work for wages. The poverty line is based on the criteria of the Swiss Conference of Institutions for Social Work (CSIAS) and averages 2,279 francs per month per person and 3,963 francs per month for two adults and two children.

Many third-country nationals are interested in living in Switzerland after the latter has often been ranked among the best places to live in the world due to the opportunities it offers. However, there are some requirements that third-country nationals have to fulfill to do so.

They need a visa to be allowed to enter Swiss territory. However, some exemptions apply, for example, to US citizens. However, people interested in working in Switzerland for more than eight days a year need a visa.

Previously, reported that authorities in Switzerland are trying to help third-country nationals who obtained a master’s or doctorate degree from any of the universities in the country to work on Swiss soil after their graduation.

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