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Swiss Government: COVID-19 Test Will No Longer Be Free of Charge for Unvaccinated Persons

The country’s authorities have assured all unvaccinated people who wish to undergo a COVID-19 test in order to obtain a COVID-19 certificate in Switzerland to pay the test expenses themselves from October 1.

According to the Swiss Federal Council, such a decision was made because those who wanted to get the vaccine had the opportunity to do so several months ago, reports.

“From October 1, people who wish to take the test for a COVID certificate will have to pay for the tests themselves. All those who wish to be vaccinated have had the opportunity to do so,” the Swiss Federal Council said in a statement.

As such, based on a press release from the Swiss Federal Council, it was confirmed that the Council will no longer consider its responsibility to cover the costs of COVID-19 testing for people who have not been vaccinated or have recovered from the coronavirus disease.

However, some exceptions will be made, which means that several groups of people will still be able to take advantage of free COVID-19 tests.

People with symptoms related to the coronavirus will continue to have their tests covered by the authorities in the country. In addition, rapid antigen testing for people who cannot get the vaccination due to health problems, as well as tests for children under 16 years of age, will continue to be covered.

“Young people will be able to take the test for free until the age of 16, however, certificates will only be issued to people over 16 if they pay for the test themselves,” the council added.

In addition, the Swiss authorities have also adopted a national testing strategy because testing remains the most important tool that helps prevent hospitals from overworking, break chains of COVID-19 infection, and control the epidemic.

Thus, plans for routine examinations will continue in schools and workplaces, which will be funded by the country’s authorities. However, changes have also been proposed to reimbursement for testing in order to prevent any form of abuse.

Except for the above changes, earlier today, reported that Switzerland plans to make COVID-19 certification mandatory for indoor access.

This means that all citizens of Switzerland, as well as tourists, need to have a certificate of vaccination, recovery or testing in order to be allowed unrestricted entry to restaurants, bars, theatres, museums, sporting events and many other activities.

However, it has been emphasized that COVID-19 certification requirements do not apply when attending outdoor spaces.

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