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Sweden Recognises Togo Vaccination Passport & Introduces Entry Ban on Namibia Nationals

Swedish authorities have recognized vaccination certificates issued by health authorities in Togo, meaning that arrivals from those countries are exempt from entry bans and testing requirements upon arrival in Sweden.

Meanwhile, the Swedish Ministry of Justice has imposed an entry ban on Namibian nationals, with both decisions coming into effect on December 7, reports.

The same is in line with the European Commission’s decision, which legalizes vaccination certificates issued in Togo and indicated that the documents are considered equivalent to an EU COVID digital certificate.

This means that these certificates can be checked and verified using the same technical systems as EUDCC. Previously, Sweden recognized vaccination and recovery certificates from five third countries – New Zealand, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova and Singapore – allowing people from these countries to enter countries that are exempt from quarantine and testing requirements.

“The government has also decided to remove Namibia from the list of countries where residents are generally exempt from the entry ban simply because they reside there. This means that the entry ban will be reinstated for people residing in Namibia,” reads the Ministry of Justice’s press release regarding restrictions on entry. Coming from Namibia.

>>EU removes Jordan and Namibia from COVID-19 list of safe countries to travel

Currently, the epidemiological situation in Namibia and other southern African countries, including Botswana, South Africa, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, has worsened due to the high rates of COVID-19 virus infection. Concern over the new variant of COVID-19, Omicron, which has been detected in this region of the world, has added to the concerns of European Union member states, many of whom have been banned from entering South Africa. Moreover, in an effort to prevent further spread of the virus, EU member states have ordered stricter entry requirements and stricter national rules.

The change comes one month after the lifting of the entry ban for Namibians, which was announced on November 9, along with the lifting of the entry ban for arrivals from Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that the total number of positive cases in Sweden is 1,207,498, of which 12,887 cases were reported in the past seven days. At the same time, two deaths from the disease were recorded, bringing death rates in Sweden to 15,161.

In addition, ECDC data shows that 70.8 percent of the population in Sweden is partially vaccinated, while 68.1 percent are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, about 1.8 percent more than the average vaccination rate for the EU/region population. European economic. Additionally, the absorption rate for third shots or injections is 11.9 percent.

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