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Spain Travel: COVID-19 Risk List to Remain Unchanged for Another Week

The Spanish Ministry of Health has announced that the current classification of EU/EEA countries will remain in effect for another week.

This means that, similar to last week, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Czech, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Finland, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, France (except Mayotte), Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Latvia, Iceland, Lithuania and Liechtenstein will remain Norway, Malta, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Romania are part of the risk list until further notice.

Although all of these EU/EEA countries are part of the risk list, travelers from these regions can still enter Spain for travel purposes as long as they meet entry rules, reports.

Travelers entering Spain from an EU/EEA high-risk country need to fill out a health monitoring form within 48 hours prior to arrival. This requirement applies to everyone, including those under the age of 12.

“All passengers arriving in Spain by air or sea must fill out a health control form prior to travel,” said a statement from the official Spanish tourism website Travel Safe.

In addition, everyone is also required to show one of the certificates that are part of the EU digital COVID Card upon their arrival.

The Spanish authorities have indicated that “if you come from a country at risk in connection with COVID-19, you must provide a certificate or document proving vaccination, a diagnostic test for active infection or recovery from COVID-19.”

This means that travelers from EU/EEA risk areas are not required to follow additional entry rules as long as they hold one of the documents listed above.

In addition to the above EU/EEA countries, Spain’s risk list also includes all third countries that are not part of the exemption list. Travelers from third countries can travel to Spain for non-essential purposes as long as they hold a valid vaccination or recovery certificate.

The vaccination certificate is valid upon arrival in Spain if the document proves that the holder has completed the primary vaccination within the last 270 days or if the holder has received an additional dose of vaccination.

As for the certificates of recovery, the authorities have made it clear that the document is acceptable as long as it proves that the holder has tested positive for the virus within the past 180 days.

>>Spain allows entry to travelers from other countries with COVID-19 recovery certificates

Unlike arrivals from risk areas, travelers entering Spain from a third country on the safe list do not need to present a certificate of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result upon entry. Spain’s safe list currently includes Colombia, Indonesia, Peru, Qatar, Rwanda, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), and Taiwan.

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