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Spain Registered 16,565 More International Workers in December

A total of 2,306,664 international workers were registered last year in Spain, representing an increase in employment for the seventh consecutive month, according to figures provided by the Spanish Social Security.

These numbers show that there were 16,565 additional jobs registered in December, compared to the previous month’s figures. In addition, the figures reveal an additional 100,000 international workers were registered compared to February 2020 before the outbreak of the Corona virus and its new strains, reports.

In terms of average affiliation, the number of foreign subscribers to social security was 2,269,806 in December, of whom 791,306 were from EU countries (34.86 percent) and 1,478,5,000 were from third world countries (65.14 in cent). This is 6,525 more than the media used in November,” stated the statement published by the Spanish government.

According to the announcement, citizens of the following countries represent the largest groups of workers in Spain:

Romania (331,739) Morocco (285,501) Italy (140,387) China (107,143) Venezuela (106,264)

Of these, a total of 56.66 percent were men (201 286 1), while 43.34 percent were women (605 983).

According to the Autonomous Communities, the largest increase in the number of foreign subsidiaries corresponds to the Autonomous City of Andalusia (3.76 percent) and Castilla-La Mancha (1.77 percent). The statement stressed the Canary Islands (0.89 percent), La Rioja (0.48 percent), the Community of Madrid (0.40 percent), and the cities of Ceuta (0.30 percent) and Melilla.

At the same time, the deepest depressions were recorded in the following areas:

Extremadura (-5.56 percent) Balearic Islands (-5.17 percent) Cantabria (-1.52 percent) Galicia (-1 percent)

The report also showed that the number of foreigners in the self-employed system increased by 0.21 percent in the last month.

Besides, in the past 12 months, the number of foreigners working in various jobs in Spain increased by 9.20 percent. previously reported that a total of 2,290,099 workers were registered abroad in Spain in November, representing an 11.58 percent increase in the total number of affiliates.

Based on data provided by the country’s Social Security, an increase of more than 29,320 jobs was recorded in November, compared to the previous month’s figures. The numbers also revealed the registration of 100,000 additional workers compared to the February 2020 figures.

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