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Spain Registered 139,755 More Foreign Workers in January 2022, Compared to February 2020

In January of this year, Spanish Social Security registered 2,329,176 foreign affiliates, which means an increase of 139,755 employees from February 2020, before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Newly recorded figures mean there are 22.512 or 0.98 percent more foreign workers in the country than the previous month.

According to a report published by the Spanish government on February 17, this figure represents about 11.9 percent of the total number of foreign social security registrations in January 2022, reports.

The number of foreign subscribers to social security reached 2,240,156 in January, of whom 782,195 were from European Union countries, accounting for 34.92% of the total, and 1,457,961 from third world countries, the remaining 65.08%.

Romania, Morocco, Italy, China and Venezuela are the countries from which the largest groups of employees come as:

Romania (327,169) Morocco (285,569) Italy (138,474) China (106,549) Venezuela (104,431)

Of the total non-Hispanic workforce, 56.69 percent or 1,269,959 were male, and 43.31 percent or 970,197 were female.

According to the Autonomous Community, foreign registries increased in Andalusia by 0.44 percent and Murcia by 0.22 percent, while declining in terms of other Autonomous Communities.

According to the data, 231 005 people worked in the private agricultural system and 164 848 people in the household system.

Besides, the increase in information and communication was about 1.08 per cent despite the decrease in the number of such employees in most of the sector. Even in livestock, hunting, forestry and fishing, there was an increase of 0.72 percent, extractive industries by 0.40 percent, and insurance and financial and insurance activities by 0.21 percent.

Over the past month, the number of foreign self-employed workers decreased slightly by 0.31 percent to a total of 384,885 employees.

“In the past 12 months, the registration of workers from other countries increased by 9.56 percent, that is, by 195,487 people,” reads the statement published by the Spanish government.

Based on data provided by the Spanish Social Security, a total of 230,664 international workers were registered last year. In November alone, a total of 2,290,009 workers from abroad were registered in Spain, which represents an 11.58 percent increase in the total number of subsidiaries.

Moreover, at the end of 2021, the number of workers in the tourism sector and the self-employed increased, as the total employment increased by about 841 thousand workers, of whom 31.7 percent were in tourism-related fields.

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