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Spain: 124,000 Ukrainian Refugees Under Temporary Protection & 8,100 Already Working

The Spanish government announced that since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Spain has provided temporary protection to more than 124,000 Ukrainian refugees. This makes Spain the fourth largest country in Europe in terms of the number of temporary protection granted at the end of May.

In a statement issued on Monday, June 20, the government stated that in the reception system, the Ministry of Integration, Social Security and Immigration served about 122,000 refugees, which is three times the normal volume of refugee care in a record year, Schengen Visa Info. .com reports.

In addition, some 21,000 additional refugees remain in waiting places in the system.

According to the government, although the characteristics of this population differed from those of other migratory movements, with 34 percent of them being underage and 73 percent of adults being women, their needs were met without incident.

“More than 8,100 people who arrived in the past three months from Ukraine are already working, 47,000 have a social security number, 22,000 children under 18 are in school, and 48,000 people have an individual health card,” the statement read.

The center in Pozuelo de Alarcón is the center that recorded the largest activity serving 22,500 refugees, followed by the one in Barcelona, ​​which came to help another 21,680 refugees from Ukraine. In addition to these two areas, 12,654 people passed through Ciudad de La Luz and 8,560 through Malaga.

The government found that of the total number of Ukrainian refugees receiving care in these centers, 62 percent had completed their higher education, and 26 percent had a degree and vocational training.

In addition, a total of 53 percent of Ukrainian refugees arrived by road transport, 41 percent arrived by plane and 9 percent by train.

In this regard, the Minister of Integration, Social Security and Migration, Jose Luis Escriva, indicated that the ministry expects a benefit that can reach 400 euros per month for Ukrainian families, in addition to another 100 euros per month for each dependent minor.

“Among the requirements to qualify for this new aid framework are that you be the beneficiary of temporary protection and the lack of financial resources to meet basic needs, among others,” he added.

In order for all refugees to integrate into the labor market, the main role is played by the specialized units of the Spanish Confederation of Organizations (CEOE) and Social Security installed in Care and Referral Centers (CREADE) and the provision of work guidance to Ukrainians.

Moreover, data published by the General Sub-Directorate for Migration Analysis of the Ministry of Integration, Social Security and Migration reveals that more than 65,000 people or 28,837 families displaced from war in Ukraine have received care at CREADE.

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