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Slovakia to Relax Its Border Restrictions From September 20

The authorities in Slovakia have announced that from today, September 20, the border regime will be relaxed, and only police personnel will conduct inspections, the country’s Ministry of the Interior announced.

And the same ministry explained, that the internal controls at the borders will be relaxed to stop the rapid spread of the Corona virus and its new strains, especially the delta type. However, travelers from other countries who are required to follow entry rules such as quarantine requirements will be obligated to continue to do so, reports.

In any case, travelers who have been fully vaccinated and can prove their vaccination status by showing valid proof are allowed to enter Slovakia without being subject to entry restrictions.

However, the authorities in Slovakia previously announced that all people who have not fully completed the immunization process will have to undergo a mandatory five-day quarantine rule upon arrival.

Due to the current situation of the Corona virus, the authorities in Slovakia placed other countries in different categories, taking into account their epidemiological situation, and imposed additional requirements on travelers who plan to enter the territory of Central Europe from countries that have recently been severely affected by the virus.

In this regard, the Slovak Interior Ministry clarified that the seriousness of individual counties in relation to the case of COVID-19 will be assessed in a new way.

Less weight should be given to those affected among children under 18 years of age. This follows the third update of the Covid Vending machine, which was approved by the government on Thursday, September 16, 2021, the statement said.

The Ministry of Health stressed that the new calculation methodology should focus more on other factors that lead to an increase in the number of COVID-19 infections.

On August 16, the Slovak authorities approved new changes to the coronavirus warning system that also take into account the vaccination rate in the region.

The system, consisting of the following combinations: green, orange, red, dark red and black, also takes into account the vaccination rate for people aged 50 and over, among others, meaning that if more than 65 percent of people aged 50 and over have been vaccinated In a particular area, it will be included in a category in which less stringent preventive measures are applied.

Based on data provided by the World Health Organization, Slovakia has reported 902 cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours and three deaths. The same source reveals that since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 401,250 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Slovakia, while a total of 12,569 people have died.

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