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Slovakia Permits Entry for Ukrainians Fleeing the War Without Valid Travel Documents

The Slovak Interior Ministry has announced that all Ukrainians fleeing the war will be allowed to enter the country, including those without a valid travel document.

The Ministry indicated in a press release issued on Friday, February 25, regarding the situation at the Slovak-Ukrainian border.

According to the same press release, the Slovak police are ensuring the normal functioning of the border crossing with Ukraine, and all of them are operating – with the exception of the railway border crossing Cerna nad Tessoop.

The ministry also claims that there are no long queues or waiting times at these borders as men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave Ukraine.

However, the same indicates that if there is an influx of people arriving in the country from Ukraine, the border authorities are ready to strengthen controls and services. The Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and members of the police forces are also ready to assist in this regard.

Earlier today, the Home Office revealed that only 10,526 entries were made in the past 24 hours, reports.

During a meeting on February 25, the government of Slovakia also approved changes to civil protection, asylum and cybersecurity laws in order to prepare for mass immigration into the country.

Through the amendments to the Civil Protection Law, the government will be able to implement economic mobilization measures to ensure that incoming refugees are housed, organize the transportation they need and provide them with medical security.

While through the imposed changes to the asylum law, the Slovak authorities will be able to declare the provision of temporary asylum to foreigners without the need for a recommendation from the Council of the European Union.

“Temporary sanctuary is provided for the purpose of protecting aliens from war, the consequences of a humanitarian catastrophe or a systematic or mass violation of human rights in the country of which the alien has his or her citizenship, or a stateless person in his or her country of residence,” the Ministry of the Interior clarifies regarding the changes.

Ukrainians who are seeking temporary asylum and who have been provided with secure accommodation will not be required by law to go to a concentration camp.

The rest of Ukraine’s neighboring countries also confirmed that they had made preparations to receive Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war, including Poland, which confirmed that those without valid travel documents would be able to enter this country as well.

On the other hand, the Czechs have activated a migration preparedness plan to help Ukrainians who leave their homeland. The plan will help them to apply for a special type of visa through a simplified procedure in order to remain in the Czech Republic as needed.

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