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Slovakia Opens Borders for Fully Vaccinated Travellers

Fully vaccinated travelers can now freely enter the territory of Slovakia, as the country has changed entry restrictions rules since July 9, ending the traffic light system, which limits citizens of countries that can enter Slovakia, depending on country of origin infection rates.

According to a press release from the Slovak authorities, the new system depends on the traveler’s vaccination status, therefore, border crossings will be fully opened for vaccinated passengers, reports.

For those who wish to travel to Slovakia, border control authorities require that a registration form be filled out after arrival. The categories excluded from this requirement are, as the following list indicates:

Children under the age of 12 Passengers passing through Slovak territory Cargo, bus and aircraft crews, train drivers and crews, railway operators, drivers and medical personnel transporting a patient, organs for transplantation, blood substitutes or blood substitutes, or funeral staff carrying the deceased person’s remains

Each time a traveler enters the territory of Slovakia, he is obliged to register, with the exception of the following categories:

People who have been fully vaccinated, whose first registration is valid for the next six months People who have recently been vaccinated with the first dose of any vaccine People aged 12-18, whose first registration is valid until August 9. The first registration is valid for seven days

Furthermore, fully vaccinated travelers are considered those who received the last dose of the COVID vaccine 14 days before arrival but not more than 12 months, while for travelers vaccinated with single doses, at least 21 days must have passed since receiving the dose.

Those excluded from quarantine are those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, transportation, medical staff, etc., who visit the country for social duties.

As recently reported, the Slovak border authorities have been reinforced by deploying up to 500 financial departments, prison corps and judicial guards at border checkpoints in an effort to ensure public order regarding the COVID-19 situation. The procedure will be carried out throughout the former border crossing with Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.

“We have 33 small border crossings that have been closed, and we will gradually try to achieve as many of them as possible,” said Minister Roman Miculic.

The minister added that a path has been established to vaccinate travelers according to the circumstances. If coronavirus infection rates rise, the state has warned of tighter entry restrictions.

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