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Slovakia Imposes New Entry Rules From Today

The authorities in Slovakia have implemented new changes to the entry rules that will be in effect from today, February 16, in response to the current situation in Ukraine.

These new rules were introduced by the country’s Ministry of Interior, reports.

According to the announcement, all persons over 12 years of age who plan to enter Slovak territory will be required to register on the website However, there will be some exemptions applicable.

The ministry also announced that people planning to enter this area must prove that they are a member of the police force or an employee of the regional public health office.

However, the authorities in Slovakia announced that the mandatory quarantine and registration in the eHranica system for those coming from other countries do not apply to the following:

Persons who enter Slovakia from neighboring territories in which they have been under threat during a national or international armed conflict before their arrival Persons who enter Slovakia from a neighboring country amid fears of a national or international armed conflict and their transit to the country in which they are are granted residence or from their countries of origin. However, such persons must leave Slovakia within 72 hours of entry.

In addition, according to the statement published by the Ministry of the Interior, new changes to quarantine rules have also been implemented:

“After a new person entering the territory of the Slovak Republic from the territory of a neighboring state where he was immediately threatened during a national or international armed conflict, he has the right to leave the place of isolation or quarantine at the time necessary to leave the territory of the Slovak Republic. Within the framework of the system of the Prosecutor’s Office in an annex The residence will have a positive test result, and may leave the territory of the Slovak Republic within five days of isolation,” the announcement said.

The current situation in the neighboring country of Slovakia, Ukraine, has raised concerns among the authorities in the Slovak territory as well.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have increased tensions for more than two months now.

In November, Russian authorities sent more than 100,000 soldiers to the common border with Ukraine, leading many to speculate about an invasion.

Despite ongoing efforts to help resolve the current situation, little progress has been made in this regard.

Up to this point, many European countries have advised their citizens not to travel to Ukraine while calling their citizens who are currently in that country to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.

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