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Slovakia Asks For Frontex’s Help in Managing Border Control Amid an Influx of Refugees From Ukraine

The Slovak Republic has asked the European border control agency, Frontex, to provide support as the country anticipates migration flows, particularly linked to the war in Ukraine.

This request was revealed during a meeting of interior ministers in Brussels, where Slovakia’s Interior Minister, Roman Mikulic, urged Frontex to help the country deal with the situation.

“As a front-line country, we are aware that this is the external border of the entire Schengen area,” the minister said, also adding that his government has already defined material and humanitarian aid requirements and intends to use European Civil Code. The protection mechanism to obtain it, reports.

Minister Mikulik emphasized that his government allowed people who did not have the necessary documents or visas once a humanitarian emergency was declared. In addition, he said that Slovakia can now benefit from the Institute for Temporary Refugees even without a decision of the Council of the European Union, other conditions have not yet been determined.

According to Mikulec, Slovakia can accommodate about 40,000 asylum seekers in designated facilities as the government relies on other accommodation options.

With regard to the country’s security, the Minister noted that no security and critical threats to infrastructure had yet occurred in Slovakia, but emphasized that the protection of defense infrastructure facilities had been strengthened.

According to the Slovak Interior Ministry, about 26,000 Ukrainian citizens have arrived in the central European country.

“From Thursday, February 24, 2022, from 6 a.m. to Sunday, February 27, 2022 until 6 a.m., 25,935 people entered the territory of the Slovak Republic from Ukraine. Most of the people crossed the border crossings at Vyshni Nemeki (13645) and Ople (10715),” it says in The statement published by the Ministry.

The same revealed that a total of 44 people have applied for international protection in Slovakia, one of whom is a Russian citizen and 43 are citizens of Ukraine, including children.

Moreover, another 26,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Moldova and Romania, authorities from these two countries revealed, respectively.

More specifically, 15,800 Ukrainian citizens have crossed the border into Moldova, said the country’s Minister of the Interior, Anna Rivenko. On the other hand, the Romanian Ministry of the Interior revealed that about 10 thousand refugees entered the country.

However, the two ministers noted that the interest of newcomers to remain in Moldova and Romania is low, as refugees are more interested in heading to Western Europe. As these authorities said, the number of asylum applications submitted by Ukrainian refugees is less than 100 in Moldova and about 11 in Romania.

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