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In this article, you will get complete knowledge on How to apply for a Schengen visa from Sri Lanka?

What is a Schengen visa?

Schengen visa is a special visa that allows all the visa applicants to spend a time period of 90 days for any purpose in any country which falls under the Schengen Zone.
Schengen Zone or the Schengen area consists of twenty-six countries in Europe. These twenty-six countries are being collectively known as the Schengen area. By obtaining a Schengen visa we are being able to travel across all these countries without border restrictions. Schengen visa opens you the door for Europe and it also paves you the way to travel all these European countries very easily like a walk in the park.

Schengen countries are as follows,

* Belgium
* Austria
* the Czech Republic
* Finland
* Denmark
* Estonia
* Hungary
* Lithuania
* Greece
* Iceland
* Italy
* Luxembourg
* Malta
* Netherlands
* Poland
* Slovenia
* Sweden
* Spain
* Slovakia
* Switzerland
* Portugal
* Norway
* France
* Germany
* Liechtenstein
* Latvia

Even though many people are craving and loving very much to travel to Europe. Most of us find it is an onerous job to travel to Europe by obtaining a Schengen visa with the hassle of documentation and etc. This explanation will make it very easier for you to understand the methods of applying and obtaining a “Schengen visa” very easily.

The Embassy of France has recently introduced an online platform that helps the Sri Lankan people who are expecting to obtain a “Schengen visa” to travel to Europe.
On their website, we have to create your visa application with all the information that is required.

First, we should go through this website and fill the application in it.

Then we have to take out a printed pdf version document of the application.

After obtaining the printed pdf we should hand over the physical document that we have taken as a pdf print out to the visa facilitation services global center in Fort.

If you are willing to have a Schengen visa you have to apply for the visa from the first country of your visit or where you are expecting to spend the bulk of your tour.

So applying for the Schengen visa through this online platform which has been introduced by the French embassy will be the ideal choice for you in applying and obtaining the Schengen visa.

The documents that are mandatorily required to obtain a Schengen visa from Srilanka

* Passport and the other essential documents to prove the identity of the applicant.
These are the most important documentation. Applicant’s current passport if he or she has already toured somewhere. The old passport is being requested to be submitted.

* Photocopies of the stamped pages which are there in your passport.

* Couple of copies of your passport bio – page which has your photo on it.

* Couple of copies of your alteration page (This page is the page which comes after your bio – page)

* A copy of your national identity card.

* Letter by the applicant addressing the French embassy.

A letter should be written by the applicant to the French embassy with an explanation of the date and time of your visit and the reason for the visit with the documents you expect to submit.

 Form and questionnaire.

Through this section, the embassy can gain a brief summary of your personal details. This part refers to your application as well as the other most important documentation which needs to be provided to the embassy for them to gain a short summary of you as already mentioned above. The application is now filled and now you should take the pdf version and then sign on it.

* Photographs

These photos are similar to the passport size photos but have to be taken more closely. The best option left for you to take these photos accurately is to visit the VFS centers and to get the photos from small studios in them.

The questionary

This is a document which is consisted of approximately 37 mandatory questions such as your name date of birth and the most important details of yours. It also contains questions about your closest relations and the locations of their residing. please aware that this information is highly important.

Their accuracy is very important. Filling this questionnaire correctly will definitely help you with a faster-processed visa.

Documents which are related to the trip and its dates.
This part is really important and the dates should be given accurately and you account for all dates within the duration of your trip.

Confirming flight itinerary

This is about your round trip ticket. Main flight ticket. You should pay and reserve this ticket from any travel agent. After reserving the ticket. You should submit it for the visa. Once after the visa is approved you will be able to purchase the ticket.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is being provided free by most of the banks. You should purchase the ticket from your credit card. If you don’t possess a credit cart buy it from a travel agent.

 Reserving Hotels

You have to reserve hotel accommodation for each and every day of your trip. You have to show that you have reserved accommodation by booking. is a website that can make your booking convenient for you in each and every way.

The following documents are not mentioned in the checklist. But can be submitted.
This document includes information about your trip planning. The special activities you are expecting to engage in the order of how you move from a country to another. The starting point and the ending point of your trip.
The following documents are not mentioned in the checklist. But can be submitted.

This document includes information about your trip planning. The special activities you are expecting to engage in and the order of how you move from a country to another respectively one after another, starting point and the ending point of your trip.

9. Documents that are related to the financial guarantee of the applicant.

If you are applying you have to submit the pay-slips or salary slips of the last three months from the month where you submit your application.

As an example, if you are applying in April you have to submit the pay – Sheets of January, February, and March of the same year.

EPF contribution

You can either submit your EPF statement or ETF statement.

Personal bank statements.

Salary slip months should be matched and the same statements of your salary account have to be provided.

Balance confirmation.

This is not mandatory, but providing the balance confirmation will give a snapshot of our finances on a particular page. You have to request for this from the bank you are funding the tour. They might charge you for this service. If you have assets here in Srilanka which are of course fixed assets it will be an added qualification. But if not, it is totally fine. It isn’t essential to have fix assets for this.

13. Letters that are related to your tour.

A formal letter was written by your company owner or the employer that you are working on. Your company should address the embassy with the following information in the letter.
Following information should be mentioned by the particular person who writes this letter for you addressing the Embassy of France.

> What is your position or the job status as a worker in the company? (Designation)
> Whether you are permanent or not and the contract period of your professional bond towards the company.
> Monthly payment (salary) which is being paid to you by the company for your service as a worker.
> Whether you are being given paid leaves or unpaid leaves.
> The deadline of the leave period given to you (when does the company, expect you back for working).
> A person to be contacted in order to certify information.

For families

* Birth certificate

You must submit a photocopy of your original Sinhalese birth Certificate. A translated copy of your birth certificate is also needed to be submitted.

* Certificate of marriage.

This certificate must be submitted only by the female applicants who wish to obtain a Schengen visa. A copy of the original marriage certificate as well as a translated copy of it should be submitted as well.

Schengen visa is the most typically used visa to travel to Europe by foreigners. More than 14.2 million tourists have used the Schengen visa in 2018 to travel around Europe.

Following the above guidelines in order to apply for the Schengen visa will surely work like a dream for you. Travel agents don’t have nice transparency in providing you information and most of the time they are asking for unrealistic requirements.

Most of the places from where you can find information on these types of methods about obtaining visas to Europe drives the majority of people into confusion.

With this post, we tried our very best to provide you the mandatory details which will help you and which will make it crystal clear for you to understand the entire procedure which should be followed by an applicant in order to obtain a Schengen visa which makes your travel Europe dream comes true…

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