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Russia’s F1 Driver Subject to Bans Imposed by EU

Formula 1 driver Nikita Mazepin has joined the list of Russian citizens subject to European Union sanctions.

Mazepine has previously been linked to a £300m mansion in London, which is the second largest after Buckingham Palace, according to The Guardian, reports.

The Formula One driver had a contract with the Haas F1 team, which was terminated after Russia invaded Ukraine.

According to the Guardian report, Russian fertilizer billionaire Andrei Gurev is also under sanctions.

He revealed back in 2015 that he was the beneficiary of an offshore company that owns Witanhurst, a 25-bedroom property in Highgate, north London.

Gurev has been affected by the EU sanctions due to him being the CEO as well as the Chairman of the Board of PJSC PhosAgro, which is among the world’s leading actions for phosphate-based fertilizers.

The entry into the sanctions list indicates that he “is involved in economic sectors that provide a significant source of income to the Government of the Russian Federation, responsible for the annexation of Crimea and the destabilization of Ukraine.”

Recently, the authorities in the countries of the European Union decided to impose restrictive measures on an additional 160 Russians.

In this regard, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, stressed the expansion of the list to include key individuals and their family members who play an important role in supporting the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Today we are adding to our sanctions list more key individuals and their family members who play an important economic role in supporting the Putin regime and benefit financially from the regime. They are now subject to asset freezes and travel bans. Our message is clear: Those who made it possible to invade Ukraine pay for their actions,” Borrell said in a statement.

In addition, the Council stressed that the new list consists of 14 referees and prominent businessmen of great importance to the Russian economic sector, providing a significant source of revenue for Russia, and working mainly in the metallurgical industries, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, communications and digital industries. .

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted European countries to impose sanctions and other restrictions. In addition, EU countries have also banned airlines from Russia into their airspace.

Besides, Ukraine’s neighboring countries are preparing to receive a large number of refugees from Ukraine fleeing the war after the Russian invasion.

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