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Romania Takes All Necessary Measures to Accommodate Ukrainians Fleeing War

The Romanian authorities revealed that the country had taken all necessary measures to accommodate the Ukrainians fleeing the war.

In an exchange of emails, the Romanian Ministry of the Interior revealed to that the responsible authorities have operated mobile camps in Suceava, Maramurio and Tulcea provinces. These camps are used to house all individuals fleeing Ukraine.

In addition, it was noted that other facilities, such as schools and hotels, can also be used in case the number of people entering Romania from Ukraine continues to increase.

“Depending on the influx of Ukrainian citizens who will seek help from Romania, several mobile camps can be operated and new accommodations identified,” the ministry said.

As for Ukrainian citizens who are seeking asylum in Romania, the ministry has clarified that they can be accommodated in one of the six regional centers for procedures and accommodation of asylum seekers.

These six residence centers, which are mainly used to accommodate people seeking international protection, were established in the provinces of Timić, Maramuri, Suceava, Giorgio and Bucharest.

“In the case of Ukrainian citizens seeking asylum in Romania, they can be accommodated in six regional centers for the procedure and accommodation of asylum seekers, in the provinces of Timić, Maramures, Suceava, Giorgio and Bucharest, which are intended to accommodate persons seeking asylum as a form of protection in Romania, at their request, in the event that they do not Availability of the necessary material means for maintenance,” as stated in the ministry’s statement.

According to the ministry, the reception and processing of asylum applications by Ukrainians seeking protection in Romania is currently carried out by the General Inspectorate of Regional Migration Centers. In order to ensure the process runs smoothly during these times, translators assist the authorities and Ukrainians when needed.

The centers for asylum seekers are currently operating at maximum capacity, which means that the Romanian authorities have hired additional staff to deal with the situation.

In addition to the Romanian authorities, thousands of Romanian citizens from different regions of the country also provide accommodation and other assistance to Ukrainians arriving in Romania.

Data provided by the United Nations refugee agency shows that more than 678,000 people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which occurred on February 24.

The majority of people who have left Ukraine so far have fled mainly to one of the neighboring countries – Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Moldova.

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