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Romania Launches Digital Nomad Visa

The Romanian government has started implementing the digital nomad visa, which allows foreigners to live in Romania while working for companies outside the country.

The new visa is expected to attract a large number of foreigners and help the country’s economic sector recover from the damage caused by the coronavirus and its new strains, reports.

All people interested in benefiting from the Romanian digital nomadic visa will be required to apply for a long-term visa at the country’s consulates located abroad, according to Mobile Work. This visa is valid for six months; However, it can be renewed if foreigners continue to meet the following requirements:

Proof that they have been working full-time or part-time outside Romania for at least three years before applying. Provide valid proof of income for the past six months which must be three times the average Romanian gross salary of EGP 6,095 – roughly €3,700 or $4,170 per month. Submit supporting documents, work contracts and company data. In addition, they must also explain the nature of their stay in Romania.

In September, the authorities in Romania announced that they plan to introduce a digital nomadic visa, similar to many European countries.

At the end of September, the Senate approved a bill on the country’s digital nomad visa system. The bill was then sent to the Chamber’s deputy for discussion.

In this regard, Impact Hub Bucharest co-founder and director of business development, Vlad Craiovino, emphasized that the country’s decision to introduce such a scheme would bring more benefits to its holders compared to other countries in Europe or even the United States, where the cost of living is about 50 percent higher. cent.

Representative Diana Pozueanno said these travel permits will also contribute to the country’s economy, Romania Insider reported.

This legal initiative was developed after months of work in collaboration with the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, as well as experts working with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I started the project because I trust that it is a law by which financial resources can be drawn into Romania, as many other member states have already done.”

Recently, reported that Hungary has also introduced a digital visa system for Bedouins.

At present, the following European countries are famous for such schemes: France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Malta, Estonia, Iceland, Greece and the Czech Republic.

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