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Pre-Pandemic Tourism Rates in Brandenburg Remain Unreachable, Official Data Shows

The statistics office in Berlin-Brandenburg revealed that the number of overnight stays in Brandenburg fell to 2007 levels.

According to the authority, 3.2 million guests were registered with ten million overnight stays in area accommodation establishments in 2021 — 0.3 percent fewer overnight stays than in 2020. Forced — down 27.7 percent, reports.

However, the source shows that the number of foreign guests increased by 5.3 percent in 2021, accounting for 168 thousand of them, and overnight stays amounted to 521,000, 6.6 percent more than in 2020. The city of Brandenburg recorded more overnight stays spend it. From Berlin for the first time in 16 years.

On the other hand, the number of domestic guests decreased by 3.4 percent (three million) and overnight stays by 0.6 percent, accounting for 9.6 million guests.

The data also shows that Spreewald – the most popular destination for years – took a clear loss in 2021, with a drop of 53,300 guests and 122,500 overnight stays spent. Meanwhile, Dahm Lake area recorded the highest increase in the number of guests, with around 42,600 of these and 70,000 additional overnights over the corresponding time in 2020.

According to the municipalities, the city of Potsdam received the largest number of guests for 2021 – 293,000 of these and 843,000 overnights. Rheinsberg and Burg also had a large number of bungalows, 369,000 each.

Other municipalities that recorded the most overnight stays in 2021 are as follows:

Senftenberg (318000) Templin (257000) Bad Saarow (241000) Schönefeld (239000) Werder (226000) Lübinau (215000) Brandenburg an der Havel (214000) Grunheid (201000)

Furthermore, the Census Bureau shows that by the end of December 2021, there were about 1,381 accommodation facilities with at least ten beds and 54 campgrounds available for guests. The average household occupancy during 2021 was 33 percent, while in 2020 it was set at 33.2 percent and in 2019 it reached 42.3 percent.

Previously, Willy Brandt Airport in Berlin recorded about 3.9 million passengers in the last quarter of 2021. However, these numbers registered a significant increase of 273 percent, compared to the figures for the same period in the previous year, still well below pre- levels pandemic.

The number of take-offs and landings increased by 126.3 percent to 36,681 compared to the previous year. In the corresponding period of 2019, there were still 64,804. At 3.9 million passengers, the number of passengers was not even half (47.0%) the number of passengers in the last quarter of 2019. At that time, 8.4 million passengers were counted”, he revealed. Berlin-Brandenburg Airport press release.

In addition, 9,819 tons of cargo and mail were transported during the fourth quarter of 2021, an increase of 48.8 percent compared to the rates for the same period in 2020. In the fourth quarter of 2019, 9737 tons were transported.

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