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Portugal Welcomed 1.1 Million Guests in December – Figures from 2021 Remain Decade’s Lowest, Official Data Show

Tourist accommodations in Portugal registered 1.1 million guests in December, which is a 150 percent increase over the corresponding time in 2020, the National Statistics Institute (INE) reports.

According to the same source, overnight stays spent in Portugal also doubled – to 2.6 million and representing an increase of 170.4 percent compared to December 2020 levels. In addition, the numbers were more positive compared to the previous month, as the variance is less compared to December 2021 at the time. The corresponding from the previous year compared to the comparison of November 2021 with the same month of 2020. More specifically, the numbers of guests and overnight stays. Stays are up 265 percent and 287 percent last November, compared to the corresponding time in 2020.

However, despite positive trends, guest numbers are down 28.9 percent, and overnight stays are observed 26.7 percent lower compared to pre-pandemic levels, reports.

More specifically, excluding 2020, INE preliminary data for 2021 shows that tourist accommodation establishments registered 14.5 million guests and 37.5 million overnights, which is an increase of 39.4 percent and 45.2 percent. As the National Institute of Statistics points out, this low number has not been observed in over a decade, more specifically since 2010, when 37.4 million overnight stays were recorded.

Last year, 16.1 million guests and 42.7 million overnight stays were registered, including all accommodations (tourist accommodation establishments, camping and vacation establishments, and hostels), up 37.6 percent and 41.1 percent, respectively.

The domestic market remained stable, with 1.1 million overnight stays spent within the country, registering an increase of 92.6 percent. On the other hand, overseas markets recorded 1.5 million overnights, up 292.5 percent from 2020.

Moreover, domestic and overseas markets are showing signs of recovery as declines are smaller compared to pre-pandemic levels – 12.2 per cent in overnight stays for residents and 34.9 per cent in non-residents.

The total revenue registered in the tourist accommodation establishments amounted to 153 million euros, and the revenue from accommodation 108 million euros. Compared to December 2019, total revenue decreased by 25.4 percent, and revenue from accommodation decreased by 23.3 percent,” said the report issued by the National Institute of Statistics.

Moreover, the same reveals that average revenue per available room (RevPAR) was €21.5 in December, 29 percent lower than in November when the amount was €30.3. However, the ADR has remained relatively the same for both months as it was recorded at €74.4 in December, while it was €74.2 in November. In December 2019, RevPAR was €27.8, and the average room rate was €72.8.

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