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Portugal to Impose New Travel Rules

Authorities in Portugal are considering amending entry rules after recommending EU member states to abolish additional entry restrictions for people with a valid vaccination certificate.

European Union countries have reached a joint agreement to lift additional restrictions on the movement of people with a valid COVID-19 vaccination document that proves they have been vaccinated or have recovered from the virus, reports.

According to Portugal News, a source from the office of the Minister of International Administration told Lusa, “As usual; the government will consider possible amendments to the rules in force in the national legal framework, taking into account the content of this recommendation as well as the evolution of the epidemiological situation in Portugal.”

The Council of the European Union has made a new recommendation to facilitate the process of travel amid the COVID-19 situation based on the measures of the Coronavirus that should be applied taking into account the health of passengers rather than the epidemiological situation of the country of departure, with the exception of high-risk countries.

The decision means that passengers from other countries will face more moderate entry rules when traveling to European Union countries, provided they have completed the virus immunization process.

The Council of the European Union adopted such a recommendation on January 25, while it will take effect on February 1.

“This means that a traveler’s COVID-19 vaccination, test or recovery status, as evidenced by a valid EU digital COVID certificate, should be the main determinant. The EU Council noted that a person-based approach would greatly simplify the rules applicable and will provide greater clarity and predictability to travelers.

In addition, on the same day, February 1, member states will shorten the validity of vaccination documents to 270 days.

Since December 1, 2021, all travelers from other countries arriving in Portugal are required to present a negative rest or refund document upon arrival.

Portugal’s Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) previously stressed that more than 2,500 travelers have faced fines in the past two months while trying to reach Portugal without submitting a negative COVID-19 test.

Based on figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Portugal has recorded a total of 2,254,583 cases of COVID-19 and 19,613 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

The same source shows that Portugal has recorded more than 347,600 cases in the past seven days, while 279 people have died from the virus.

Despite the current COVID-19 situation, figures provided by the European statistics provider, Eurostat, showed that Portugal had a better travel performance in December compared to other EU countries.

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