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Portugal Now Allows Non-Essential Travel From Canada

Travelers from Canada can now enter Portugal for travel purposes as the latter has removed its non-essential travel ban.

The news was announced by Canada’s Embassy in Portugal, which said Portugal has lifted its previous restrictions on arrivals from Canada, reports.

“Update: The government of Portugal has lifted its previous restrictions and is again allowing non-essential travel from Canada to Portugal,” the Canadian Embassy in Portugal wrote on its official Facebook account.

Based on Portugal’s current entry rules, all travelers allowed to enter the country are required to present an EU digital COVID-19 certificate or other recognized vaccination or recovery certificate under the terms of reciprocity.

Portugal has a list of third countries whose diplomas are recognized under the terms of reciprocity, but Canada is not part of it.

This indicates that despite the removal of the non-essential travel ban for travelers from Canada, they still need to submit a PCR test performed within 72 hours or a rapid antigen test performed within 24 hours before arriving in Portugal.

“It is necessary to provide a digital EU COVID certificate. Citizens without a Digital Covid EU certificate in vaccination, testing or recovery methods will have to provide evidence of a negative RT-PCR test (TAAN), taken in the last 72 hours, or a test Rapid Antigen (TRAg), performed in the last 24 hours,” said the Portuguese official travel portal, Visit Portugal.

However, despite this statement, travelers from Canada are dealing with confusion as Portuguese authorities have not provided a definitive answer as to whether they need to get tested even if they have been fully vaccinated or have received an extra dose of vaccine.

“As it is now, with my wife and I alike three times, and unless/until the situation deteriorates significantly, I am finally confident that our scheduled trip (about four weeks from now) is one. But unless I see an explicit statement that the test PCR is not required, I will schedule a test for us two days before departure,” wrote a Canadian citizen in the “Comments from Users” section of the Visit Portugal page. .

However, based on a statement issued by the Portuguese authorities, according to which vaccination permits issued by third countries are recognized only under mutual circumstances, it can be inferred that permits issued in Canada are not considered valid upon arrival in Portugal even if the holder has received a dose of vaccine Accepted in Portugal.

The authorities have not yet made an official announcement on this issue.

On the other hand, once in Portugal, travelers are not subject to any restrictions related to COVID-19 when attending bars, restaurants, clubs and other events. The requirement to wear face masks remains in effect only in enclosed spaces.

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