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Portugal Fined Over 2,500 Passengers for Not Providing COVID-19 Test Results

Portugal’s Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) has revealed that more than 2,500 travelers have been fined in the past two months for trying to travel to Portugal without submitting a negative COVID-19 test.

Additionally, between December 1 and January 23, 41 airlines in Portugal were also fined for boarding these passengers, reports.

In an assessment of this measure to control COVID-19 cases, MAI told Lusa that during this two-month period, the Public Security Police (PSP) and the Immigration and Border Service (SEF) handled 1,823,533 travelers and 16,966 flights. Of these trips, about 2,546 tickets were issued.

Of these 2,546 fines, 1,677 were issued by the PSP, which controls passengers from Schengen area flights, and 869 by the SEF, which inspects travelers from countries outside the region.

In December, Portuguese authorities announced that all arriving passengers over the age of 12 are required to present a negative test or a recovery certificate in order to enter the country – with the exception of passengers on domestic flights, minors and many other categories.

>> Portuguese authorities have fined more than 2,200 travelers for not providing a COVID-19 test result

As a result, the government has also imposed fines on those who do not give a negative test while boarding flights to Portugal, set at €300 to €800. On the other hand, airlines carrying such riotous passengers can be fined €20,000 or €40,000.

The administration also revealed that 2,546 violations include eight international travelers who refused to submit a pre-departure test. In addition, MAI data also shows that 2,585 tests were used by passengers at airports who entered the country without providing such documents.

This is not the first time that Portuguese air service providers or other institutions have expressed concerns regarding troubled passengers, as the situation has forced authorities to fine dozens of airlines and hundreds of passengers.

Moreover, since December 1, the Portuguese authorities have imposed new and stricter rules on travelers in an effort to curb the rise in the number of COVID-19 infections.

“A negative test is mandatory for all flights arriving in Portugal, even for those who have a digital vaccination certificate, regardless of the flight departure point or the nationality of the passenger,” reads the official website for information about travel to Portugal, visit Portugal, .

In addition, the same source reveals that passengers are allowed if they submit a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that was taken 72 hours before boarding or a rapid antigen ten hours before departure. Furthermore, submit a vaccination or recovery certificate or an EU COVID-19 digital certificate.

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