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Portugal Extends Reciprocity Rule for COVID-19 Certificates Issued by Non-EU Countries

The Portuguese authorities have announced that the country has decided to extend the rule of reciprocity regarding the recognition of COVID-19 cards issued by third countries for another month.

As such, in line with the prolonged restrictions, this means that vaccination and recovery certificates issued by third countries will continue to be recognized under mutual terms provided certain requirements are met, reports.

Authorities have confirmed that airlines will only allow boarding for those whose destination is mainland Portugal given that they hold an EU Digital COVID-19 certificate or a certificate issued by a duly recognized third country.

Thus, if a third country does not recognize the validity of the EU COVID-19 digital certificate issued in Portugal, the authorities of the latter will also refuse to recognize equivalent certificates issued by countries outside the EU.

“The lack of reciprocity in the recognition by third countries of the validity of the EU’s digital COVID certificate, in the ways of vaccination or recovery certificates, issued by Portugal, prevents the recognition of the validity of certificates issued by these third countries,” a statement reads by the government.

This decision went into effect on October 1 and was due to remain in effect until October 31. However, the matter has now been revised, and due to the epidemiological situation prevailing in the country and abroad, it has been protracted.

Based on the current rules of Portugal, vaccination certificates are recognized for permanent residents of a third country as long as the document proves that the holder has been fully immunized against COVID-19 with one of the vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

This means that under the rules of reciprocity, only third-country nationals who have been fully vaccinated with Moderna (Spikevax), AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) and Johnson and Jonhson (Janssen) are allowed to enter Portugal.

With the exception of a certificate of vaccination, travelers from a third country can also enter Portugal by presenting a certificate of recovery, indicating that the holder has recovered from the virus within the past six months.

However, the Portuguese authorities have noted that in order to recognize vaccination and recovery certificates upon entry, they must contain many other specific information about their bearer.

The vaccination certificate must contain all of the following information:

Name and surname Date of birth Responsible issuing authority Name of coronavirus vaccine Number of doses Date(s) of vaccination Vaccine manufacturer Country where the vaccine was given

Likewise, the recovery certificate must include information on the first three points mentioned above in addition to the following:

The date of the first positive test The country in which the test was taken. Redemption Certificate Validity

Those who cannot provide either certificate must submit a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 or 48 hours before arriving in Portugal.

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